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Advancing The Tech-Diagnosis Of Head Injuries
One of the hot-button controversies in all-levels of sports right now is the danger of head injuries. With the increase in numbers of kids and teens taking part in sports, the rate of concussions reported in 2012 was nearly four million individual cases, which has nearly doubled in a... Read more
BiVACOR: The Bionic Heart Set To Replace Cardiac Implants
A new ground-breaking bionic heart without a pulse is going to be the next big thing in cardiac implants with within the next three years. The world-first device was designed by an engineer form Brisbane, Dr Daniel Timms, who started the project back in 2001 while studying at the... Read more
Bioengineered Human Muscle Contracts As Real Tissue
Researchers at Duke University have announced this week, that they have bioengineered human skeletal muscle tissue that is capable of contracting like real human tissue. The announcement is sending waves through the medical community and the research is being hailed as a medical first. The team of scientists have... Read more
Researchers Create Flexible Temp Tattoo To Test Blood Sugar
Diabetes affects lots of people. Whether it be Type I or Type II, the patient needs to check their blood sugar levels on a regular basis. This usually involves a painful prick of the fingertip to gain the required information. The healthcare professionals that treat diabetes have for a... Read more
Inflatable Incubator Wins Dyson Award
The annual James Dyson Award for Innovation has gone to a young British inventor who has produced an inflatable incubator system. The device has been designed for the developing world and costs only £250. The really important aspect of this device is that it has the same life-saving features... Read more
Dead Human Heart Transplanted
It has been described as the biggest breakthrough in over ten years. Surgeons at St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney Australia have transplanted hearts from dead bodies into live patients. The world-first procedure uses hearts that are no longer beating, but previous to this, the hearts used for transplants were... Read more
WEMU: Epilepsy Detector & Monitor
There has been a great deal of news in the field of wearable technology of late, especially in medical circles.  The latest initiative is a collaborative effort by a medical device company, Bioserenity (from France), an epilepsy organization, Epilepsy Action from the UK and another French organization called Efappe.... Read more
FDA Gives Sale Approval For ReWalk Bionic Suit
I shudder at the thought of anything to do with spinal injuries.  I have a member of my family with fused spine and it is not an easy thing to live with, not at all.  If someone receives an injury to their spinal cord, the last thing they want... Read more
Hansure: Portable Sanitizer For Medics
Doctors in Lower Economically Developed Countries (LEDC’s), are constantly fighting to keep bacteria and infection at bay.  The Hansure Czech company has come up with a solution! In honour of Global Hand Hygiene Day (yes, this is real), they came up with a unique hand cleaning solution  that was... Read more
AsthmaMD, A Helpful App For Asthma Sufferers
As a child I suffered from Asthma.  It was pretty severe and a few times I was hospitalised with it.  Sure, there was medication I could (and did) take, but I wanted more from the medical profession than, ‘try this medication and see how you get on’.  To me,... Read more
Pocket Sized Ultrasound Devices To Soon Replace Stethoscopes
The days of seeing a doctor with a stethoscope hanging around their neck may soon be a thing of the past, as hand-held ultrasound devices are being predicted to replace the 200-year-old medical tool, in near future, doctors say. Pocket-sized ultrasound machines look similar to smartphones and are able to diagnose... Read more