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Discord messaging app: Not just for gamers
If you’re even a moderate gaming enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of Discord, a messaging app that prides itself on near-instant voice chat as well as the ability to communicate via text and instant messaging. If you don’t game, chances are you’re thinking “Discord, what?”  While the completely free app... Read more
Zoom Cloud Meetings: 2020 Review
In light of both the novel coronavirus outbreak and the rise of global business needs, the video-conferencing app Zoom has become wildly popular. While there are certainly other video-chat applications out there, Zoom adds in a set of tools, which, combined with the company’s renowned reliability makes it the... Read more
Facebook Reluctantly Offers End-to-End Encryption
In this day and age of privacy invasion–whether committed by hackers or by our own governments–end-to-end encryption in a messaging platform is highly sought after. It has the power to win over long-time devotees to a competing app, for example, as WhatsApp discovered when they unveiled their e-to-e offering.... Read more
WhatsApp Gold Offer Is A Scam
The link to download WhatsApp Gold is malware that installs data mining software on your computer or smartphone. WhatsApp is arguably one of the most popular workload streamlining and communication apps, with more than one billion registered users worldwide. And the news earlier this month that WhatsApp was rolling... Read more
WhatsApp For Desktop. Better Than The Phone Version?
Last week I spent some time testing the new version of WhatsApp for desktop, and was pleasantly surprised by just how well it works. If you already use WhatsApp on your phone, or via the WebApp extension for either iOS or Windows, it’s pretty much more of the same.... Read more
WhatsApp Makes The Jump To Desktop!
Facebook’s WhatsApp has just released its Desktop App for Windows 8 (and above) and Mac OS 10.9 (and above), making it available on all major platforms. But it is undeniably great timing for them too, and good news for laptop and PC users worldwide, as they also just recently... Read more
Viber Latest Messaging Platform To Add Encryption
Viber has followed WhatsApp example and is the latest messaging platform to add end-to-end encryption for its users. If the FBI’s debacle involving an iPhone 5 has shown us anything, it’s the tech users do value their privacy. The resentment surrounding the court case to compel Apple to create... Read more
WhatsApp Switches On Encryption For A Billion Users
WhatsApp Just Switched on Encryption for a Billion People…. As any regular reader of our news section here at FileHippo can’t but have failed to have noticed over the last 6 weeks, the ongoing legal feud between Apple and the FBI has been an omnipresent story that for a... Read more
New Security Concerns For Apple’s iMessage
Apple’s iPhone has been making news headlines for the past few weeks following a superior court ruling which stated the tech manufacturer was required to rewrite its OS operating system in order to create a “backdoor” for the FBI to break into a phone. Apple has steadfastly refused to... Read more
Skype Translator Now Supports 7 Languages
Microsoft promised that Skype would soon deliver a real time translation service. Now it has. The downside? It’s only available in Windows, for now anyway. Yes, that’s right. Skype Translator has been officially released to the public.  Users of Skype on Windows can now hold voice-to-voice conversations with another... Read more
Tor Messenger Beta Released: A Truly Anonymous Chat Service?
Tor has released the beta version of its new Tor Messenger anonymous instant messaging tool in the hope that it will improve the security and anonymity of online messaging. Utilizing the existing Tor network, Tor Messenger will allow its users to openly have IM conversations without having to worry... Read more
WhatsApp Productivity Platform Comes To Edge Browser
One of the hot names in productivity apps and platforms is WhatsApp, a messaging feature that is streamlining business operation, especially for project teams and telecommuting personnel. The mobile app WhatsApp syncs automatically with the users’ desktops through the WhatsApp Web platform, which originally launched only for Google Chrome.... Read more
WhatsApp 2.12.114 – New Free Emergency Features And Improvements
WhatsApp has been busy over the last few days releasing update after update of their instant messaging app. Today, WhatsApp 2.12.114 was released but this version is still currently in beta. Because the update is in beta, WhatsApp users cannot download the update from the Google Play Store, you... Read more
Malicious Ads In Skype – Here’s What To Look For
As if the folks at Skype weren’t already busy enough with their April 14th launch of Skype for Business Online (which has replaced Microsoft’s Lync, which replaced Microsoft Office Communicator), their recent update to personal Skype accounts incorporated a few changes. Back in January, some Skype users reported a... Read more
Snapchat Clones Disappear From Windows Phone, Real Version Coming?
Snapchat is starting to crack down on third-party apps, after the SnapSaved incident where thousands of photos were leaked onto the internet. Windows Phone has been the first targeted, with Snapchat removing almost all third-party apps using its API. Snapchat is legally allowed to push for removal, due to... Read more
WhatsApp Potentially Coming to Desktop
WhatsApp is available on almost every mobile platform, including discontinued platforms like Symbian and Nokia Series 40, but has never developed a web client. New reports say WhatsApp will finally come to the desktop, after five years of availability. The new web client will use OAuth, sending a message... Read more
When Someone Doesn’t Text Back…Hilarious Responses!
In this day and age where the latest technology is literally at our fingertips, keeping in touch with people is a breeze. The invention of instant messaging, text messages and things like FaceTime mean we can contact whoever we want, whenever we want, just at the tap of a... Read more
The Best Free Skype Alternatives
Whether you have long-distance family and friends to keep in touch with, conference calls to make or you just want to keep costs down, Skype is often the go-to app for making free calls and sending messages but what if you don’t want to use Skype? Well we’ve put... Read more