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UK Government Looks To Open Source Software
Governments around the world are feeling the pinch of shrinking budgetary funds and burgeoning debt, but the UK is taking one important step in the right direction: open source software. With reports that the government will be abandoning Microsoft Office for all its government offices and departments and heading... Read more
Beta Version Of LibreOffice 5.0 Released
Devotees of open sourced do-it-all document suite LibreOffice have been eagerly awaiting an upgrade from the 4-point-something version that’s been available for some time, and now the wait is over. Skipping right over the planned version 4.5, the developers went straight to the 5.0, much to the delight of... Read more
Microsoft Office 2016 Promises Some Big Changes
As any Microsoft Office devotee can tell you, there are some vital personal and workplace tools in the suite of products. Of course, if the price tag is any indication, Microsoft is pretty proud of its product, too. That’s why it’s strange to find so many consumers who are... Read more
Microsoft Office Apps for Android Released
A few weeks back, Microsoft released a preview version of their Office for Android apps. The time has now arrived for the guys over at Redmond to bring the final versions to the Google Play Store. Now you can download the finalised versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint to... Read more
Microsoft is About to Delete Clip Art for Good
I may be getting older, but I can still vividly remember when I used Microsoft’s Clip Art feature for just about anything I was doing. If I needed a quick picture of something, I’d just type in what I was looking for in the search box, and after a... Read more
Microsoft’s Clippy Makes A Sneaky Comeback
Who doesn’t remember Microsoft’s “assistant” back in the day? Clippy, the paper clip that never got affected by the downs of life, the bouncing thingy on your screen that always gave you a smile when no one else would. Obviously, with the advancements in software over the years, Clippy... Read more
Microsoft Launches Office 365 Personal For PC & Mac
Microsoft’s Office 365 service is one of the things that put off some users, due to the subscription requirements. Yesterday, however, Microsoft made things more appealing by introducing Office 365 Personal, which is more affordable than usual. Office 365 Personal is priced at $69.99 per year, or $6.99 per... Read more
Microsoft Office is FREE On iPhone & Android Phones!
Free is the name of the game, it seems. Believe it or not, you can get Microsoft Office for FREE on your iPhone; and if you are an Android user, you get the same benefit! Microsoft Office users were certainly happy to hear that the software suite for Mac... Read more
Microsoft FREE Trials For Software & Services
Yesterday, I expressed surprise about the things happening at Microsoft – a potentially free operation system and the MS-DOS source code being made available. Here’s another pleasant “surprise”, in case you are not aware of this: Microsoft is offering a free trial for its various software and services. It’s... Read more
We’re Getting A New Microsoft Office For Mac This Year!
Finally! According to Thorsten Hübschen, Business Group Lead at Microsoft Germany, this year, we will see an updated version of Microsoft Office for Mac. Let’s be honest, while Pages and Numbers work decently, Microsoft Word and Excel just work much better. About Keynote and PowerPoint – that’s a whole... Read more
Microsoft Office Web Apps Now Officially Office Online
It’s rebranding time at Microsoft, it seems. The official statement about SkyDrive being rebranded to OneDrive has barely made the rounds, and we’re now seeing another change. This time, it’s Office Web Apps, which is now called Office Online. It’s not that this move has been kept a secret,... Read more
Microsoft Office For iPad Coming Soon?
Say what you want about Microsoft – Windows in particular – but one cannot deny just how many of us have gotten used to Microsoft Office. Not that there is a lack of alternatives which do the job – from Open Office to Apple’s own suite of word processing... Read more
Subscribing to Microsoft Office
To subscribe or not to subscribe? That is the question Microsoft Office users must answer for themselves as Microsoft has changed the way people can access their software.  The shift to subscription services by Microsoft is part of a larger trend of software companies changing the method by which... Read more
Microsoft Office For Linux Could Arrive In 2014
The Linux operating system has made huge inroads over the last two decades. Now it looks like Microsoft might finally be realizing the sales potential of the open source system. According to a source at ExtremeTech the software giant is evaluating the potential of Microsoft Office for Linux. If the rumor... Read more
Microsoft Office Coming to Apple and Android in 2013
Rumors have abounded for some time that Microsoft would be adding a version of their ever-popular Microsoft Office product to the Android tablets and the iPad with Office 2013.  The Microsoft Office portfolio manager in the Czech Republic was quoted as stating that it would be released early next... Read more