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Norway Switches Off FM Radio And Goes Digital
Move from analog to digital radio, making the Scandinavian country the first to shut down all national FM radio broadcasts. Norway’s government have been planning the FM switch off for several years, but the actual physical switch only began in January of this year. The move to Digital Audio... Read more
Apple Launches VA Music Speaker HomePod
HomePod combines Apple Music and natural voice interaction with Siri. As consumers, we can argue that a lot of the “new” technology launched in competitive retail isn’t really all that new. Certainly some eye-opening innovations come along every few years – many of us still remember the first time we held... Read more
Google Pixel Suffering From Audio Software Issues
The launch of Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone were a lengthy and much-anticipated process, but like a few other hardware innovations from the company, this one may be falling a little short of the hype. Namely, a number of users have indicated an audio problem with the phone’s... Read more
Move Over IOT, The Internet Of Sound Is Here
Using sound to speak to computers is nothing new. There’s a fascinating story–back in the days when the Commodore computer accessed data by cassette player–about a radio show host for the Finnish Broadcasting Company who used to play code over the air. That way, listeners were able to record... Read more
Spotify Updates Help Improve The Music Streaming Exerience
Music streaming services like Spotify have come a long from the days when industry critics pronounced them the death of music. In fact, the opposite has proven to be true: with the abundance of music options and the ability to sample new artists and even new genres without the... Read more
Nest Reportedly Moving Into Home Audio
Nest is looking to enter new ground in the ‘Internet of Things’ market, adding a new job post for a leadership position in a new team, Nest Audio. Given Nest’s goals of redefining the appliance to something much better, this job posting probably isn’t a simple sound-bar or speaker... Read more
Acoustic Levitation: Surfing Objects on Sound Waves
Scientists have been looking for effective ways to levitate objects for decades. Several methods exist nowadays, such as magnetism and light, electrostatic fields or sound waves, but they all have their own drawbacks. Acoustic levitation has generally been the preferred method, as unlike its counterparts, it can float larger... Read more