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Introducing Viv, By The Makers Of Siri
For those of us who grew up having to dial a recorded message and sit through every single announcement just to find out what time a certain movie was playing (and woe be unto you if you made noise while we were trying to scribble down the show times,... Read more
MIT Media Lab Goes Open Source, And Doesn’t Forget To FLOSS
The MIT Media Lab, a tech innovation center that has has a hand in numerous tech related products over the years, including Guitar Hero has revealed that going forward, the way it deals with its approach to software releases is to fundamentally change.    From now on, the MIT... Read more
Toonz Releases Open-Source Animation Software
In the past seven years, the tech world has undergone a major shift in terms of giving “the little guy” the tools to build a high-quality product and a platform to monetize his efforts. The self-publishing craze that was sparked by the digital publishing revolution is probably the most... Read more
Female Coders Better Than Men, Latest Research Shows
A study published this week has found that code written by women via GitHub is in fact more likely to be approved and accepted by their coding peers than code written by men. That is, at least when their reviewing peers don’t know they’re female… The results came as... Read more
TaxSlayer Software Developers Reveal Data Breach
As if citizens didn’t have enough to worry about during the tax filing season, yet another data breach has claimed the identities of nearly 9,000 people. TaxSlayer announced a January 13th data breach, discovered during a routine security check, that released the personal identifiable information of many of its... Read more
Hibernate ORM Comes To FileHippo
Most of the time you have to pay for really good specialist software, and sometimes like when you use Hibernate, it’s open source and it’s free. When it comes to framework selection with Java developers, you can be pretty sure the overwhelming response will, 9 times out of 10,... Read more
A Higher Calling For Open-Source Software
Open-source software–or at least the concept that drives it, a world where coding expertise and technology are furthered for the good of the public instead of corporate profit–is gaining traction in a big way. Some top names in tech have even announced their support for open-source, and whole crowdfunding... Read more
WP Engine WordPress Hosting Service Hacked
WP Engine, the WordPress managed hosting solution setup by WordPress itself to help WordPress users, has had its security breached in a cyber-attack that has exposed customer credentials. WP Engine became aware of the breach on the 9th December, and quickly moved to contact all of its customers directly,... Read more
Wolfram Alpha: Free For All
We’ve never been closer to the future predicted in Star Trek than we are right now. In the dream-state setting of the television series and films, there is no struggle on Earth. There is no disease, no poverty, no clashing of ideologies that erupts in violence. Humans have moved... Read more
Google Offers TensorFlow As Open Source
It can be hard for companies with major-name brands behind them and shareholders to keep happy to put their money where their mouths are when it comes to open sourcing their content. But Google, a company with more revenue than some small companies, has the leverage to do just... Read more
UK Government Looks To Open Source Software
Governments around the world are feeling the pinch of shrinking budgetary funds and burgeoning debt, but the UK is taking one important step in the right direction: open source software. With reports that the government will be abandoning Microsoft Office for all its government offices and departments and heading... Read more
VW Software Scandal May Lead To More Open-Source Code
The great emissions-beating software scandal is still in full swing, with Volkswagen stating that eleven million of its vehicles have installed software that helps it beat environmental testing procedures in order to release as much as 40% more harmful emissions than the law allows. Now, Audi has admitted that... Read more
Best Of The Best: Bossie Awards For Open-Source Software
Movies have the Oscars, stage has the Tonys, sports gets the ESPYs… there’s even an award show for television commercials called the Clios, and that’s some funny stuff right there. But software fans, never fear! Grab your couture and walk the red carpet in honor of the Bossies!  ... Read more
Google Open-Sources Deepdream For Creating Weird Images
Google recently announced that it has open-sourced its code for creating (weird) “wild and crazy” images using a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning. Deemed the deepdream project, it is now available on GitHub. Deepdream relies on the open-source Caffe deep learning framework. Deep learning involves training... Read more
Evernote And CoSchedule Partner to Benefit WordPress Users
In a recent move to appeal to bloggers and WordPress users everywhere, Evernote and CoSchedule have integrated. Evernote, the world’s most popular note taking app, has always been a place to “collect inspirational ideas, write meaningful words, and present your ideas to the world.” Writing blog posts in Evernote... Read more
GitHub Competitor, Cloud Source Repositories, Launched By Google
Earlier this year Google closed down its own project hosting site, Google Code, in an assumed move to let GitHub and BitBucket to become the dominate code sharing and publishing services, otherwise known as social networking for programmers. However, the move away from project hosting only a lasted for... Read more
Notepad++ Is Changing Code And Changing The World
If you owned a computer any time on the 1980s, you probably used Notepad and you were probably blown away by its amazing features. Then Word came along, and you promptly forgot that Windows machines even come with Notepad. Unless you’re writing code, that is. Notepad++, based on C++,... Read more
WebAssembly Created By Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, And Apple
The news first broke last week via Ars Technica that engineers at Google, Microsoft, Mozilla, and Apple have joined forces in an effort to create WebAssembly, a bytecode for browsers of the future that teases over 20 times faster performance. There have been multiple efforts in the past to... Read more