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Swift 2.0 Going Open Source
Last year, Apple introduced their very own programming language named Swift, which has since focused on making the app building process a lot easier. Earlier this week at WWDC, Apple announced Swift 2.0 claiming that the newest version “has even better performance, a new error handling API, and first-class... Read more
New Fixes Released For PostgreSQL Open Source Database
Every once in a while, a software developer releases a long-awaited update to much fanfare and user enthusiasm…and then it bombs miserably. We’re not saying that’s what happened with PostgreSQL, but just in case you didn’t love the way it runs after you updated it last, the publisher has... Read more
Pantheon And NodeSquirrel Join Forces
Pantheon, a popular website management platform for Drupal and WordPress, announced today that they have acquired NodeSquirrel , a free backup service for Drupal sites. NodeSquirrel, launched in 2012, and was originally developed as an extension for Drupal but quickly took off and is now used by more than... Read more
Office 2016 and Skype Previews Now Available For IT Pros
As of Monday of this week, Microsoft has launched a preview for Office 2016. This preview is squarely aimed for IT professionals and developers. It has been reported that the early build is, how shall I say, very beta. In fact Microsoft‚Äôs Kirk Koenigsbauer has said the preview “doesn‚Äôt... Read more
Google Launches Player Analytics For Game Devs
The new Player Analytics tool is coming to Google Play Developer Console in the next few weeks. The new tool has been designed to give developers lots of data, from reports of sessions and average spending patterns to how players are progressing through their games. As a developer you... Read more
5 Year Old Becomes Youngest Ever Microsoft Certified Professional
A five-year old boy from the UK has become the youngest person ever to pass Microsoft’s much acclaimed exam, earning him the accolade of being a Microsoft Certified Professional. Ayan Qureshi, who has set up his very own computer network at his home in Coventry, hopes one day to... Read more
DARPA Funds PLINY Autocorrect to Help Coders
Currently, coding is exhausting and takes a lot of time.¬† DARPA is hoping to change all this. Rice University assistant professor, Swarat Chaudhuri, stated that they “envision a system where the programmer writes a few of lines of code, hits a button and the rest of the code appears.‚Ä̬†... Read more
Google & Microsoft Team Up With, the Seattle-based organization, wants 100 million students to learn the fundamentals of computer science and in order to help them reach their goal,  they have just launched a crowdfunding campaign, which is aiming to raise $5 million. Hopefully they can help 100 million students from all over the... Read more
Microsoft Launches Project Spark
In the third quarter of 2013, Microsoft introduced to everybody, Project Spark. If you don’t know about Project Spark it is basically a tool that has been created by Microsoft to entice gamers on the Xbox One and Windows platforms to produce games of their own. There are lots of hit indie... Read more
UK Summer Coding Camps
In the UK, this year is when teaching children how to code is really going to take off, and come September coding will be made a mandatory subject for state-run primary schools and for some in secondary schools. The British education system is taking a leaf from the US in this... Read more
Firefox OS Flame Dev Phone Available For Pre-Order
In February 2014 at MWC, Mozilla introduced an array of new Firefox OS devices.  Included in those were the Alcatel OneTouch Fire S and the ZTE Open C.  The firm also unveiled some developer-focused hardware.  It didn’t take too long for that kit to be made available for pre-order.  That... Read more
MS-DOS Source Code Now Available To The Public
Surprise, surprise! It does seem that Microsoft is really going through major changes. Not only have we heard about rumors about a free version of Windows 8.1, but now, Microsoft has released the MS-DOS source code to the general public. Free AND Microsoft? Strange bedfellows, huh? Arguably, MS-DOS is... Read more
Chrome Beta Update – Dev Improvements And Speed Updates
Google has unveiled the new beta version of its popular Chrome browser. The new update is available for both desktop and mobile browsers. Adding to the company’s move towards more capable HTML5 output the new beta Chrome version features HTML5 data and time input forms. The new version also... Read more
Microsoft Kodu Lets Kids Create Their Own Video Games
Kodu is a kid friendly software that gives young children the power to design video games with an easy to use, visual programming language. Educational tools that teach programming skills to children are now becoming more popular and increasingly more valuable, giving the younger generation a head start in... Read more
Hakitzu: Kids Learn to Code with Battling Robots
A new game by Kuato Studios is now a free a free available app app for download on the  iPad and iPad Mini. Hakitzu: Code of the Warrior. The combat game has been geared toward children between the ages of 11 and 16, however, the game could be fun... Read more
Firefox OS Entices Developers With Multi-Platform Compatibility
The recently held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona brought many interesting things to the forefront, Mozilla’s Firefox OS being one of them. There is a glut of mobile phones in the market, ranging from the cheapest to the ridiculously expensive, but I am sure that having an alternative mobile... Read more
Introducing WordPress Business Accounts
While WordPress got its start as a bloggers paradise, it has rapidly evolved into the most popular publishing platform on the internet. And now the site is expanding even more to specifically accommodate businesses by launching their newest addition, Many owners of small and medium sized business decide... Read more
Google Summer of Code 2013
Applications will be accepted soon to Google’s Summer of Code program.  College students around the world often use the summer break as time to find ways to bolster their resumes and gain real world experience.  Google is once again providing students with this experience, through their Summer of Code... Read more