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GPS Yourself Into Your Next Read
Ambient Lit project aims to immerse smartphone users with stories influenced by GPS data It might seem like e-reading and digital publishing have been around for ages, but the current digital revolution isn’t very old. While tech fans have been reading digital files off of small screens since Project... Read more
Google Drops ‘Don’t Be Evil’ From Code Of Conduct
News has emerged that Google’s famous “Don’t Be Evil” motto seems to have been quietly removed from its code of conduct. Instead the phrase,which used to appear several times throughout Google’s code of conduct seems to have been replaced by rather more vague and ambiguous terms like “ethical business... Read more
Russians May Have Hacked Hundreds Of Thousands of Routers Worldwide
Reset your router and download updates now, urges FBI. The FBI has warned that Russian computer hackers are responsible for a global malware scheme that may have compromised hundreds of thousands of home and office routers and could be harvesting massive amounts user information. The malware could also even... Read more
Google Chrome To Remove ‘Secure’ Label From HTTPS Sites
Google has announced that it will shortly begin to phase out the green lock “Secure” indicator next to URLs on Chrome. According to Google, it’s no longer so important you know which web pages are secured by HTTPS, but that you know which ones are not. Essentially, Google’s new approach... Read more Website Owners Get Own Mugshots After Arrest
The four alleged owners of the US website, that publishes the photos of people shortly after they have been arrested, and then charges individuals to remove their pictures from the website… have themselves been arrested. Anyone wanting to have their image removed from the website, whether the arrest... Read more
Are Bitcoins Killing The Planet?
The energy required to mine a single Bitcoin has more than doubled in the last six months. Cryptocurrency has faced a number of setbacks for some investors since it first became a hot-ticket investment opportunity, including international legislation against mining and trading, accusations of hacking in order to hijack... Read more
New FCC Advisor Arrested For Fraud
Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee member, Elizabeth Pierce, arrested and then resigns. The current US presidential administration has faced a lot of backlash over some of its more notable appointees, but when its troubles with the tech industry collided with those appointees, it made news. Following last year’s net neutrality fiasco,... Read more
Google Says No To Cryptomining Add Ons
End announced to all cryptocurrency mining extensions in Chrome Web Store. Google has announced an end to all cryptomining extensions in its Chrome Web Store after a slew of other extensions were discovered to have cryptomining capabilities. The issue, which stems from the company’s extensions function policy, allowed developers... Read more
According To New Research Men Don’t Shop Online As Much As Women 
Survey claims that women like shopping online more than men, but men still prefer bricks and mortar shopping. Seeing and touching items is more important for men, apparently. According to newly released study by tech shopping consultancy, First Insight, the female of the species are increasingly more likely to rely... Read more
YouTube Ban On Gun Vloggers Pushes Them To Adult Site
True Story: YouTube’s ban on gun bloggers has led them to post on PornHub. Just don’t Google ‘guns on Pornhub’, trust me…but if you do, you might be surprised to find that recently firearms are being used as more than sexual props.This follows the news that YouTube has announced... Read more
Mozilla To Bring Ad Blocking To Firefox
Mozilla 2018 roadmap shows ad blocking coming to Firefox Mozilla, the company behind popular Internet browser, Firefox, has revealed details of its ad ‘filtering’ plans for 2018. While lots of its intentions are mired in technical terminology, some of it also of interest to the average Firefox user, the... Read more
Windows 10 Is Forcing Users To Edge
Even If It Isn’t Their Default Browser Even if it isn’t their default browser. Microsoft looks for ‘feedback’ regarding new change that will open all email links in the much maligned Edge Browsers, regardless of users personal choice. Microsoft has revealed that it’s to trial another attempt to get... Read more
Google To Ban Cryptocurrency Adverts
Ads for all cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency affiliates will be banned from Google AdWords program from June 2018. Google’s move to ban cryptocurrency advertising follows a similar ban by Facebook earlier this year, and recent warning from IMF Chief, Christine Lagarde. While the brief post by Google relates to part of... Read more
Study Finds Fake News Travels Faster Than The Truth
Massachusetts Institute of Technology research studied 126,000 fake Twitter ‘stories’.  A famous quote often attributed to Mark Twain is the one that goes “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes”. Twain apparently wrote that in 1919. His death almost a... Read more
Hearprint Software Adjusts Volume To User’s Needs
New Google Chrome extension is part of a campaign by Cochlear. No two people see or hear the world in exactly the same way, according to the developers of a new software called Hearprint. Issued in part as a campaign by Cochlear, makers of the well-known implant, this software... Read more
Why Illegal Downloads Aren’t Worth It In The Long Run
It’s never been easier to access free media online. However, if you download free software from illegitimate sources, it may not be worth it in the long run. Illegal downloads have proliferated since the internet moved from dial-up to higher speed broadband. However, if you download free software or... Read more
Plans Underway For Lunar 4G Network
Vodafone and Nokia to create first 4G network on the moon. Not too long ago, finding a business that offered a public Wi-Fi connection was like hitting the jackpot. But now, with internet connectivity basically falling on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, it might be more rare for consumers to... Read more
Is Google Chrome The Be All And End All Of Web Browsers?
It may be the most popular, but is Google Chrome really the best web browser out there? Here are some thoughts, stats, and comparisons for you to chew over. Google Chrome remains by far and away the most-used web browser, accounting for well over half of all web traffic,... Read more