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Advanced Geometry Could Make The Internet Earthquake-Proof
Although decentralised networks are able to withstand most attacks, the internet is far from infallible. However, one mathematician believes that advanced geometry is the key to making the internet more robust. Back in 2011, an earthquake that read nine on the Richter scale caused huge damage to the Japanese... Read more
You Are At Risk Every Time You Use A Wi-Fi Hotspot!
Europe’s top cybercrime police officer has warned that sensitive information should not be sent over public wi-fi hotspots because there is a risk that hackers can steal it. Troels Oerting, who is head of Europol‘s cybercrime centre, says that rather, personal data should be sent over a known and... Read more
Amazon Wants To Use Drones For Immediate Delivery Service
Jeff Bezos, the Chief Executive at Inc has revealed the company’s plans to use drones for delivering products, which will hopefully improve efficiency and speed for the consumers. On the U.S. show “60 Minutes”, Bezos explained how the so-called octocopters are capable of carrying up to five pounds... Read more
Google Apps Doesn’t Support IE9 Anymore
We just heard about the update to Microsoft Web Apps, which gives it a fighting chance against Google and its online suite of tools. Now, from the other end, there is also a new development: Google Apps will no longer support Internet Explorer 9. Last week, the Google Apps... Read more
Vanish from the Internet with
Almost everything we do online remains stored somewhere and getting rid of the tracks is almost impossible. If you have old accounts you want to delete or social media sites you want erased, this new site named can help. The website, launched by designer Ed Poole and developer... Read more
PayPal Set To Enter Space
It would seem that the world is just not big enough for PayPal as they aim towards handling financial transactions for astronauts, space travellers and tourists. Commercial space travel is getting closer to becoming an everyday reality and PayPal want to prove that they are ready for such progress.... Read more
Wikimedia To Launch WYSIWYG Editor In July
Writing for the web is different from writing for print. Every content writer knows that, and when it comes to online writing, there is an even more special breed of writers – those who are well-versed in writing for Wikipedia. While we all know that Wikipedia has become the... Read more
IE11 Expected to Take Google Chrome Head-On
In the continuing war of tech giants the latest battle takes place on the browser platform. Two of the world’s most renowned companies Microsoft and Google are taking each other head on in a battle to prove who has the best browser. If we take a trip down memory... Read more
Samsung And Mozilla Creating Servo – New Android Browser
Samsung and Mozilla are not exactly a pair that comes to mind immediately, but they have come together for a new project. Something that will, in all likelihood, only fuel the browser wars. Early this month, Mozilla made an announcement that serves to support their mission to advance the... Read more
How the Internet Will Change Banking
For better or for worse, the internet has changed how we do just about everything.  From changing how we educate, or connect with friends, shop, or get our news, the internet has changed the world, in ways both big and small.  Now, according to some experts, the internet will... Read more
Firefox OS Entices Developers With Multi-Platform Compatibility
The recently held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona brought many interesting things to the forefront, Mozilla’s Firefox OS being one of them. There is a glut of mobile phones in the market, ranging from the cheapest to the ridiculously expensive, but I am sure that having an alternative mobile... Read more
Gowex Blankets NYC With Free WiFi
The next time you are walking the streets of New York City you’ll find yourself able to connect online via free city-wide WiFi. The service was announced on Tuesday courtesy of Wi-Fi provider Gowex. Available to residents and tourists alike the service covers a large swatch of the city... Read more
More Updates For Chrome 24
The latest version of Google’s Chrome browser, complete with speed, security and stability improvements, is now available for download. The Chrome team said it was excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 24 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame platforms. The upgrade offers 24... Read more
Google to Add Free Wi-Fi to New York City
Google recently announced that it would be providing free Wi-Fi service to a neighborhood in New York City, Chelsea, where Google headquarters are located. It would feature outdoor service for all of the tourists and residents and indoor coverage for public housing units.   True High Speed Google Wi-Fi... Read more
Arizona Also Creates Anti-Impersonation Law
Arizona becomes the latest state to create anti-impersonation laws for the Internet. All total, around 12 states have such laws in one form or another.   The charges against a person would constitute a felony if it was done with the intention to defraud, harm, or threaten a person.... Read more
Sprint and Dish Team Up for a Wireless Network
Expectations are high for Sprint and DISH Network to make an announcement soon for a wireless network. DISH was just approved by the FCC for the company to use its MSS S-band spectrum to build an LTE Advanced network. DISH would most likely be looking for a partner for... Read more
Internet’s Co-Founder Urges Protests Against Internet Regulations
Vint Cerf, one of the co-creators of the TCP/IP networking protocol that serves as the foundation of the internet is speaking out against regulation of the world wide web he helped create. Cerf, now the Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, Inc. wrote a blog post this week in which... Read more
How Much is Your Browsing Data Worth?
It’s been said that if you’re not the customer, you’re the product that is being sold. Since you don’t pay for the Internet, you are what companies are clamoring to buy. So, how much are you worth? Companies make money showing products and ads to people who are likely... Read more