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Christmas Software Deals from FileHippo
The Christmas software deals have begun, and we’ve hand picked a few of our favourites we think you should know about.  Christmas is a time for giving, but something that may not come to the top of your mind amongst shopping for decorations and gift wrap – is software. ... Read more
Whew! Microsoft Reverses Decision To Kill Paint
The much loved app will live on in the Windows Store. Earlier this week, the internet expressed its collective outrage over an announcement by Microsoft. The news contained a list of programs that would either be killed off entirely or no longer receive updates and support with the rollout... Read more
Google replaces Drive and Photos with Backup and Sync
But don’t worry! Google Drive and Photos are still available. Google has introduced what it claims to be a simpler, faster and more reliable way to protect files and photos for its users. Called Google Backup and Sync (available for Windows and Mac), the new tool replaces the Google Drive... Read more
Picasa Fans Urged To Switch To Google Photos
Digital cameras have been widely available in the consumer space for well over a decade, and have only gotten more inexpensive and more accessible as time has passed. With the advent of better quality camera phones, practically everyone carries a camera within reach at all times. The problematic end... Read more
A New Boost To Adobe Creative Cloud
One of the mainstays in any graphic artist’s toolbox is the Adobe family of products. But where artists, designers, and other professionals once had to purchase individual software titles (and then hope they didn’t upgrade their hardware and have to buy it all over again), Adobe has streamlined the... Read more
Facebook Is Not Deleting Your Photos
There’s a lot of talk going around that Facebook is deleting your photos, but that’s not the whole story. Facebook seems to be the social media platform that everyone loves to hate, yet everyone seems to use it. At least that’s the way it feels every time a new... Read more
Nik Collection Photo Editing Software Now Free
Google has now announced a monumental revelation about Nik, its photo editing software: It’s now free! Digital photography buffs rejoice! There’s news from the world of photo editing software that has amateurs and pros alike celebrating. To understand the cause for excitement, let’s back up. Google acquired what it... Read more
Adobe’s Non-Apology For Deleting Creative Cloud Files
A bug in a recent update to Adobe’s Creative Cloud software led to an unpleasant surprise for a number of users: some of their files and folders were deleted, starting alphabetically. This issue seems to have hit Mac users the hardest, as Apple’s system uses a “.” as the... Read more
Lightroom Update Proves Need To Know Your Users
We can all put down our torches and pitchforks, as Adobe has thankfully issued an update–only a month after a previous version update–to undo some of the damage it did to its popular photo editing tool Lightroom. The public outcry over some of the changes was loud, and luckily,... Read more
AI Software Designed To Take A Better Selfie
Software and technology have done great things for society. There are robots that build cars, virtual-vision computers that let doctor perform microscopic remote surgery, self-driving vehicles that take the guesswork out of transportation, and more. But all of those advancements pale in comparison to the new AI-level software that... Read more
JPEG Images To Become Subject Of DRM Protection
JPEG pictures may well soon have their own built in copy restrictions; if the ‘committee’ that looks after the format has its way. JPEG images are the silent heroes of the internet. Most of us make use of JPEG codecs on a daily basis, and rarely if ever give... Read more
Google Open-Sources Deepdream For Creating Weird Images
Google recently announced that it has open-sourced its code for creating (weird) “wild and crazy” images using a type of artificial intelligence known as deep learning. Deemed the deepdream project, it is now available on GitHub. Deepdream relies on the open-source Caffe deep learning framework. Deep learning involves training... Read more
These Photoshop Fails Prove The Editors Weren’t Even Trying
It never ceases to amaze me just how dumb some people think we are. I mean, it’s one thing to post a picture of yourself with a famous actress kissing your cheek, it’s something else entirely to basically use Paint to cut around her picture and glue her in... Read more
Adobe Updates Lightroom With New Android Features And More
Adobe recently unveiled huge updates to its Creative Cloud Photography Plan – a $10 per month subscription to Lightroom, Photoshop, and other similar apps. Hogging the spotlight of the update is the sixth major release of Lightroom, now known as Lightroom CC (unless you buy the software separately). The... Read more
The Smithsonian Bans Selfie Sticks
You’d think people would be mostly interested in all of the historical artifacts found at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., but the famous museum (of all places) is having trouble with people using selfie sticks to take selfies of themselves. In fact, it’s become such a problem that the... Read more
12 Ridiculous Photoshop Fails
This week marks the 25th birthday of Photoshop, the Adobe software that was created back in 1988 so that people could enhance their images. Sadly the software has become synonymous with celebrities and fashion houses using it to produce ridiculously tiny waistlines and slim thighs, leading to the inevitable... Read more
Drunk Gorilla Punches Photographer Who Captures It On Film
While I’m sure you have many potential problems at your workplace, I’m fairly certain getting punched by a drunk gorilla isn’t one of them. But for at least one photographer it’s a very real threat that now hits a little too close to home for his comfort. Christophe Courteau is... Read more
Guy Photobombs Stock Images With Hilarious Results
If you have ever gone through a load of stock images, you’ll know they often feature real people, doing real things, however they tend to look a little fake and staged (which of course they are!). So art director Matthew Vescovo decided to inject some reality into stock images... Read more