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Forget About Passwords…How About Passwatches & Passrings?
If you’re a person who is tired of having to remember password after password, there may be good news on the horizon for you. Anymore, it seems as if there is a password (or multiple passwords) for everything. After a while, all of those different passwords can get ridiculously... Read more
Are Your Internet Passwords Secure?
We might as well just go ahead and admit it: sometimes, we get lazy with our internet passwords. After all, it seems like anymore we have way too many passwords to remember. There’s the email password, the online banking password, the Facebook password, the work email password, and on... Read more
Netflix Relies On Pirates To Determine Show Offerings
Netflix has let the cat out of the bag. The leading streaming service has admitted to keeping tabs on piracy sites in order to determine which shows it should spend its money on – which shows to purchase and make available legally to their customers. You don’t really need... Read more
Leap Motion Security App Hacked
The new and innovative gesture control gadget, Leap Motion, which has just been released to the public three weeks ago, has already had more than a million app downloads, may have to check some of those programs security levels. A security team at Malwarebytes have already discovered how to... Read more
32% of PCs Infected with Malware
Protect yourself, why? We are always told to protect ourselves against viruses and rogue programs and be careful what emails we open, etc, etc, etc, but it begs the question, why? What harm can it do? We should all be aware of and know how to protect ourselves from... Read more
Smartphone Apps Can Steal Credit Card Data
We worry all the time about credit card fraud and that someone will gain access to our bank accounts and steal everything we have. And for a good reason too: Charlie Miller, a security researcher demonstrated at The Black Hat conference in Las Vegas how to steal credit card data,... Read more
Always-on Xbox Console Controversy Swirls
Ever since it was rumored that Microsoft’s next Xbox console will have an always online requirement, the Internet has been abuzz with controversy. The gaming industry is largely split between those who reject the idea and those who believe audiences are ready for always-on consoles. Will the so-called Xbox... Read more
WordPress Facing Massive Botnet Attack
More than 90,000 WordPress sites have been affected by a massive hacker attack that could aim at creating the biggest, most aggressive botnet ever seen. The attack is based on brute force attempts to guess the password, according to several web hosting services that reported the threat. The source... Read more
Mobile Malware Now Affects 32.8 Million Android Devices
Mobile malware increased by 163% in 2012 with 32.8 million Android devices now suspected of carrying some form of data mining technology. The team at mobile service provider NQ Mobile released a study on Monday that found 65,000 different forms of app repackaging, SMS phishing, and malicious URL hacks.... Read more
35% Of Google Android Apps Steal User Data In China
The Data Center of China Internet (DCCI) is warning users that almost 35 percent of Android apps downloaded in the country secretly steal user data. The organization says the apps perform data searches that are not mentioned in their functionality. The DCCI examined 1,400 apps that were downloaded from... Read more
PlayStation 4 Privacy Settings: Real Names Might Be Required
The PlayStation 4 announcement day has come and gone, and what have we gotten from it? More anticipation for the next generation console, if nothing else. We have high hopes that the PlayStation 4 will be affordable. We know it’s going to be much more powerful, and we know... Read more
Facebook Hit in ‘Sophisticated’ Attack
Facebook has revealed it was targeted by hackers last month, but says user data was not compromised. The social media network says its security systems were targeted in a ‘sophisticated’ attack when a handful of employees visited a mobile developer website.   The compromised website hosted an exploit which... Read more
Gmail Reads Your Email: Microsoft’s New Campaign against Google
Microsoft has been unrelenting in its attacks on Google. Whether it is a product launch or a lawsuit, Microsoft doesn’t let go off any opportunity to attack the search engine giant. This time round, Microsoft has launched a whole new campaign against Google. Being touted as Gmail Reads Your... Read more
Microsoft Security Essentials Fails AV Certification Test
Microsoft Security Essentials has failed to earn certification from AV-Test – the independent German institute best known for evaluating the effectiveness of antivirus software. During November and December 2012, a team from AV-Test continuously evaluated 25 home user security products using their default settings. The review focused on the... Read more
Security Checklist for Smartphones from the FCC
The FCC has created a website to help users make their smartphones safer.  This allows users to feel more secure about what they do on their phones and to find ways to protect their private data.   The website lists multiple operating systems along with general actions for any... Read more
Malware Attacks Point-of-Sale Systems
A kind of malware is attacking point-of-sale systems rather than personal computers or devices.  It has hit retailers, hotel chains, restaurants, and other businesses.   Named “Dexter” by those who discovered the malware, the attacks have been discovered in 40 countries.  While this is not the first time that... Read more
Cyber Criminals Target SmartPhones
Cyber criminals who are experts at hijacking computers with viruses and malware are looking elsewhere for their next efforts.  They see major potential with your smartphone.   Computer users have learned how to protect their devices with the latest anti-virus software and using strong passwords.  However, not everyone is... Read more