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Nintendo Wii Mini to be Released in Canada on December 7th
The Nintendo Wii is about to go pint sized and scaled down. Nintendo on Tuesday announced plans to release the Wii Mini in Canada. The new gaming device will arrive in country on December 7 and will be an exclusive Canadian retailer offer upon its initial launch. The Nintendo... Read more
Nintendo Wii U Consoles Profitable After One Game Sale
Gaming consoles for Sony and Microsoft took years to become profitable, mainly because those companies chose to install state of the art graphics, CPU’s and other components. When it comes to the Nintendo Wii U just one game title needs to be sold in order to churn out a... Read more
Nintendo Wii U Hits Grey Market & Sells For Outrageous Prices
The Nintendo Wii U has sold through a massive number of pre-orders and with the holiday shopping season upon us the sold out units are now reaching the grey market with some insanely high premiums. Video game retailer Gamestop has reported pre-order sales of 500,000 units and 1.2 million games ,... Read more