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Nintendo Games Coming To Mobiles & Tablets
As a gamer, I freely admit that I have longed to see Nintendo games available to download via an App Store. I don’t even care which App Store that may be. Now, however, is a red letter day in the Nintendo calendar as the Japanese gaming giant has officially... Read more
Netflix Working On Live Action Legend Of Zelda Series
According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, streaming media company, Netflix, is currently developing a live-action series that is based upon Nintendo’s famous The Legend of Zelda gaming series. The show has been described as “Game of Thrones for a family audience.” The Legend Of Zelda games... Read more
The Mario AI Project

The Mario AI Project

Internet January 21, 2015

Artificial Intelligence researchers are always looking for new, innovative applications to push the limits of how their creations think and react. In Germany, Cognitive Modelling researchers at the University of Tubingen have created an artificial intelligence in the familiar shape of Nintendo‘s premiere plumber – Mario. The Mario AI... Read more
Duck Hunt is Coming Back on Christmas Day!
If you’d like to get a little bit of nostalgia for Christmas this year and you own a Nintendo Wii U, you’ll be able to purchase/download the classic Nintendo game Duck Hunt through the Wii virtual console. Techbeat reported some months ago that the classic game would be rereleased, but... Read more
Duck Hunt is Coming to the Wii U
The first video game I can remember playing is Duck Hunt on the original Nintendo (NES) System. I remember it like it was yesterday, probably because Duck Hunt was a game I played with my grandmother and we made a lot of memories while playing it. More than anything, though, I... Read more
Happy 18th Birthday Nintendo 64!
Man, don’t I feel old. This week, the Nintendo 64 turns 18-years-old – as if I needed any help to feel older than I already am. 18 years ago, this week, the Nintendo 64 was first released to the excitement of kid (and adult) gamers everywhere. And while I... Read more
Check Out This Bluetooth Nintendo Controller
Modern day consoles are awesome, but they can’t really compare to the original Nintendo. I love the Xbox and PlayStation, but they can’t hold a candle to how I felt about the original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). For me, the Nintendo had everything I could ever want in a... Read more
An Open World Zelda Game is Coming To Wii U
Of all of the video games I’ve played throughout my life, The Legend of Zelda games really stand out. I’ve pretty much enjoyed every Zelda game I’ve played, from the Ocarina of Time to even some gamer’s nightmare The Wind Waker. The storyline, mixed with the awesome gameplay and the great graphics,... Read more
Nintendo Wants You To Create New Mario Levels!
I have many fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros. when I was a kid. Sadly, I don’t recall ever beating the original, as I think I was always bested by Bowser. I have better memories of playing the third Mario installment – to this day I think I’d... Read more
Happy Belated 30th Birthday Tetris!
I don’t know if you missed this big piece of news a few days ago, but on June 6th, the classic game Tetris turned the big 30. Wow – Tetris is just a couple of months older than me. Tetris is one of the first games I can remember... Read more
Nintendo Stopping Online Play For Wii & DS
It’s no secret to anyone by now that Nintendo is not doing too well in the current gaming world. In a market dominated by all things Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo seems to be struggling to find their niche. Sure, they had a big hit with the Nintendo Wii, but... Read more
Now You Can Drive Your Own Mario Kart
I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t play Nintendo Mario Kart when they were a kid and let’s be honest, even though we may be grown-ups now, we wouldn’t pass on the opportunity to own a real-life Mario Kart. Well now you can! Jakks Pacific has teamed... Read more
Nintendo Considers Gaming On Smartphones
According to reports from Bloomberg, Nintendo is considering a “new business structure” which will involve smart devices. Despite declining sales, this new business structure doesn’t involve a management reshuffle. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said in a press conference: “We are thinking about a new business structure,” Iwata said at... Read more
Nintendo Doesn’t Care What You Think
At the end of the day, Nintendo doesn’t really care what their fans think. This is the message many are getting after the President for Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime, basically said just that in a recent interview. In a market now dominated by Sony and Microsoft, one would... Read more
Get A Wii Mini For $99
If you’re a parent looking to get your child a video game console not made by Sony or Microsoft (hint: PlayStation 4 or Xbox One), there is another much more cost effective option coming your way this holiday season. If your family does not already own a Nintendo Wii... Read more
Nintendo Video App Bringing New Shows To Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo is beginning to breathe new life into the Nintendo 3DS with 5 new shows that will be exclusively available on the handheld device. Nintendo Video, which has been available as an app on the 3DS since 2011 is proud to offer these 5 shows for free, and four... Read more
Nintendo Lays Copyright Claim on Fan-Made Videos
Japanese gaming giant Nintendo has got plenty of fans in an uproar after it moved to collect revenue generated by fan-made videos on YouTube that feature its games. The decision will mostly affect the popular Let’s Play videos, in which gamers provide walkthroughs or simply showcase their skills. This... Read more
Gaming Sales Sink As Newly Released Wii U Fails To Impress
Last weeks gaming sales numbers have revealed what could be troubling times ahead for Nintendo in the Japanese console market. The company’s new Wii U gaming system has only been on the market for several months but racked up an undersold 122,000 units, down from 133,000 devices sold the... Read more