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Nokia Fiber Breakthrough Could Mean Terabit Download Speeds For All
Researchers at Nokia have managed to successfully reach stable internet speeds of up to one terabit per second by using a new transmission technique for data. In real terms that makes the Nokia effort about one thousand time faster than Google’s own fiber broadband, currently rated for a maximum... Read more
Microsoft Cuts 2,850 Staff As Windows Phone Runs Out Of Charge
So it probably came as no surprise that when Microsoft announced they were leaving the smart phone business earlier this year, that there would be job losses. What has come as a surprise however is that the company has revealed that number of staff facing the axe is more... Read more
Microsoft Puts Itself In Debt To Buy LinkedIn For $26.2bn
Despite cutting their losses in the smartphone market and trying to spin off 2014 acquisition Nokia into the night, Microsoft has announced it is now buying the business focussed social networking site, LinkedIn, for a massive $26.2 billion. The deal will be Microsoft’s biggest ever purchase and is Chief... Read more
News For Windows Phones Not Good
It does indeed seem that the end is nigh for Windows Phone, in its current form at least. But now even Microsoft have sort of admitted it’s valiant push to become the third viable smartphone ecosystem has come to a close. Earlier in the week, according to a report... Read more
Windows 10 For Mobile For Windows Phones Will Rollout December
Windows 10 is to begin rolling out for Windows phones this December. Microsoft’s Lumia division announced the release date, late Tuesday evening on the Lumia Facebook page…of all places. For those who can’t wait, Windows 10 for mobile will be available on Microsoft’s newest Lumia flagship 950 and Lumia... Read more
Nokia Announces N1 Android Tablet
Nokia is back in the hardware business. After selling its mobile division to Microsoft for $7.2 billion, many thought that was the end of Nokia, but the services division has revealed the N1 Android tablet. Considering Nokia was shackled to Windows Phone for so long, its no surprise the... Read more
What We’ll Miss the Most About Nokia Phones
It would appear there is no way back for the good old Nokia phone, especially seeing as Microsoft has unveiled its first phone which doesn’t sport the Nokia name. We’ve already been down memory lane once, remembering some of the best and worse Nokia phones ever to grace this... Read more
Microsoft Releases New Keyboard for Android Wear‏
It looks like Microsoft’s smartwatch project is good few years away, with the company launching a new keyboard for Android Wear. This is after Satya Nadella cancelled all of Nokia’s Android devices, looking to keep the focus on Windows Phone. The Android Wear keyboard will let users write the... Read more
The Best & Worst Nokia Phones Ever Made
A Nokia mobile phone – we’ve all had one, some of you may even still have one somewhere, they are truly an important part of our technology history. Seeing as Nokia won’t be making anymore phones since its take over by Microsoft, we thought we’d take a trip down... Read more
Microsoft Slashes 18,000 Jobs
Microsoft is making big news as of late, and it has nothing to do with Windows or any other Microsoft program. Rather, it turns out that the software giant is making headlines currently for some big and unfortunate job cuts. Just how many people are being laid off? Sadly,... Read more
Leaked Microsoft Document Could Be A Sign That Nokia is Really Dead
Not that we haven’t seen so many signs over the years, have we? While Nokia is one of the most iconic mobile phone brands in the world – who does not have fond memories of clunky old Nokia handsets? – its time may really be over. According to a... Read more
Microsoft Now Owns Nokia’s Handset Business After Chinese Approval
The deal between Microsoft and Nokia was signed more than seven months ago, but has been pending the final arrangements, thanks to the Chinese regulators who have been looking at the deal really closely. With the Chinese approval now on the table, together with approvals from the European Commission, the... Read more
Nokia Unveils its First Android Phone
At the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, Nokia has unveiled a family of Android handsets. Named the X, X+ and XL, these phones will range in price from 89 Euros to 109 Euros. The more basic of the three models, the X, will have a 4-inch screen, 512MB of... Read more
Google: All New Android Phones Must Ship With KitKat
According to MobileBloom, a leaked memo has been identified, stating that all Android smartphones will have to run KitKat or else Google will not endorse the handset.  The Android memo is the first sign that Google is finally sorting the problem it has with fragmentation.  Because Google offers hundreds of phones to... Read more
Microsoft To Spend Billions in Mobile Subsidies
Windows manufacturer, Microsoft, is about to complete its acquirement of Nokia.  Obviously other Windows Phone manufactures do not like this at all. When the deal has been completed, the innovative  software manufacturer will finish up owning approximately 90% of the Windows Phone market, thereby leaving little or no room... Read more
Is Sony Releasing A Windows Phone?
After all the rumours about Sony launching a Windows Phone this year, the company itself has confirmed that it has been, and still is, in talks with Microsoft. Sony’s European mobile chief, Pierre Perron, said last week in an interview that the company does not want to be a... Read more
Samsung Launches Exclusive Apps For Windows Phones
Samsung is not a company to be behind in the stakes when it comes to software for mobile phones.  If Nokia can have exclusive apps for its Lumia model phones, then Samsung is not one to miss out on an opportunity, so the Korean company is launching two apps... Read more
Ex-Nokia Employees Take On The Smartphone Market With Jolla
Some ex-Nokia employees have joined forces to create a new handset that runs on a new smartphone platform, that is based on software discarded by Nokia back in 2011. The members of the team have started their own company and joined up with a major Finnish network. Together they... Read more