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US Gov’t Can’t Force Microsoft To Hand Over Foreign Data
Microsoft has won a major court appeal that has enabled it to prevent handing over email data located on servers in the Republic of Ireland to US authorities. Microsoft had been challenging an earlier court decision that had granted the US Department of Justice a warrant seeking emails stored... Read more
New Update To Streamline Your Outlook
Email is listed as one of the great innovations of our time, as anyone who’s ever conducted business or enjoyed a viral cat video can tell you. But some of the functions and features of typical email programs can cause more headaches than they solve; for far too long,... Read more
OutlookAttachView Update Increases Functionality
As anyone who receives attachments pretty regularly can tell you, managing those attachments can be quite a hassle. It’s bad enough to go sifting through your email inbox looking for just the right email, but then you have to open the email, scroll down to the bottom to click... Read more
Microsoft Apps Coming To Cyanogen Devices
Microsoft has snagged another important partnership with the makers of CyanogenMod, a ROM for Android that has become extremely popular in places like India. The partnership will include CyanogenMod 12 with Microsoft Office, OneDrive, Outlook, Bing, OneNote, and Skype coming preloaded on the update. It is a big list,... Read more
Microsoft Snags Acompli
Not everyone is good at keeping secrets, are they?  Take Microsoft for example; they have confirmed, after accidentally leaking their plans, that they are to purchase email startup Acompli for an undisclosed amount. The company came to prominence thanks to its synonymous app for Android and iOS, which has... Read more
Office for Mac Update Coming Early 2015 Say Microsoft
Some very convincing-looking Outlook screenshots, which are supposed to be part of Office For Mac 16, have surfaced from the Chinese site cnBeta. If these are indeed genuine, then Mac users will finally be getting a long-awaited update to Microsoft’s producivity suite. Looking at the screenshots themselves, you can... Read more
You Can Now Use Hangouts With Outlook
The popularity of Google Apps, especially in the workplace and in schools, is on the rise. Many businesses have found that Google Apps provides a simple solution to employee collaboration and communication. However, not every business uses Gmail for their email provider, and the fact remains that many businesses... Read more
You Can Now Export Your Yahoo Email To
Having multiple email accounts can be handy, but there is something to be said about minimalism – in the sense that only a handful of email accounts are actually really used on a regular basis. Think about it, if you have five – or even more – email accounts,... Read more
Skype Update Improves Device Sync
Microsoft has released a Skype update for Windows 8.1.  It is designed to guarantee that mobile and desktop clients will stay in sync.  The tech giant has promised a smooth Skype experience for users on Windows 8.1.  The update ensures a better job of syncing Skype across many different platforms. Skype... Read more
Skype Outlook Integration Goes Live Globally
Microsoft Webmail users can finally use Skype on as the feature is fully rolled out globally to all users, after a year of preview testing.  A senior product-marketing manager for Skype, Karen Tong, stated in a 4 February blog post that Skype for was live worldwide, following a staggered... Read more
Microsoft Tool Makes it Easier For Gmail Users to Switch to
So it’s been a year since Microsoft converted Hotmail to Not only did the webmail service get a newish name, but it also got a new look plus some other features that were aimed at getting people to use the Microsoft product once again. Perhaps, the company was... Read more