So it’s been a year since Microsoft converted Hotmail to Not only did the webmail service get a newish name, but it also got a new look plus some other features that were aimed at getting people to use the Microsoft product once again. Perhaps, the company was looking at being the number one free email service.

Microsoft Makes It Easier For Gmail Users To Switch With New Online Tool 

How is it faring?

From the look of things, is not doing too badly, but  it hasn’t ousted Gmail either. Since Google launched its free email service almost 10 years ago, many Hotmail (and Yahoo Mail) users made the switch – yours truly included. You don’t really have to say much about this. It’s a no brainer. Gmail just works.

Now, there is switching and there’s switching.

What I mean is that you can simply choose not to use your old email account anymore and forget about old messages in there. With years and years of email accumulate, though, the better thing to do is to connect your previous email account to a new one. This, however, is not always easy – not for everyone, at least.

That’s why Microsoft recently launched a new online tool which is supposed to help users switch (the second reference) from Gmail to Obviously, the goal is lure users from Gmail to Whether you had previously switched from Hotmail to Gmail or you have never used Hotmail before, Microsoft wants to encourage you to say bye to Gmail. - gmail switch 1.png-550x0

In the a blog post, Microsoft details the steps that Gmail users have to take in order to import their account to From start to finish, the guide tells you what to do so that you do not have to get frustrated with the technical aspects.

I do love how they ended the post:

You can always return to Gmail and continue to use it in the way you always have. However, we’re confident that once you try, you’ll love it.

Admittedly, I have not given Microsoft’s “new” email service a try, but to be honest, even this tool does not make me remotely interested in leaving Gmail. How about you?

[Images via lieyunwang & MaximumPC]