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10 Reasons Why Men Should Try Pinterest
Pinterest has become my go-to place for when I need ideas on pretty much everything in life. I love searching for new hairstyle ideas, fashion or dream holidays. However it seems that Pinterest has a name for being a “girl thing”. Perhaps it’s the fact that you have to... Read more
Pinterest Accidentally Sends Marriage Congratulations to Singles
We all do embarrassing things – some people more than others. I’m speaking of the¬†really¬†embarrassing things, though, like asking a woman how far along she is in her pregnancy only to find out she’s not pregnant at all (not that I’ve done that). Pinterest has recently found themselves in... Read more
Snapchat Refuses Facebook’s $3 Billion Offer
Latest reports say that the owners of the ever so popular photo messaging service Snapchat, have refused an acquisition offer from the social media giant Facebook.  This offer would no doubt have turned Evan Spiegel and his colleagues into extremely wealthy people. According to the Wall Street Journal, which cited sources close... Read more
Pinterest To Start Showing Ads
When Pinterest first entered the social networking world, it was quickly labeled as the site for women who like looking at – and sharing – pictures of shoes. That’s totally stereotypical, of course, although we all know that stereotypes have to come from a grain of truth somewhere. It... Read more
Pinterest Acquires Livestar
Pinterest has announced its acquisition of Livestar.  Livestar was founded in 2011 and was launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2012. Livestar provided personalized recommendations from your friends and also from expert sources from around the web.  While the terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed, it has... Read more
Can Pinterest Become Number 2?
If asked what the most used social networks in the United states are, most of you would immediately name Facebook and Twitter, and you would be right. However, some of you may not realize how close the running is for the second spot. Pew’s Survey On Thursday, The Pew... Read more
Pinterest iOS Update
Pinterest has been working for mobile users and trying to achieve a more appealing look while also becoming extra user friendly. Enhancements Pinterest has updated its latest iOS version so users can see who else is pinning to a board along with them and adding more functionality for mobile... Read more
Pinterest Acquires Punchfork
Pinterest, the photo and information sharing pinboard site, has recently acquired Punchfork. The online recipe, food blogger and social cooking website was created about 2 years ago by founder Jeff Miller and brings a visual Pinterest experience.  Punchfork is linkable with many social networking sites such as Facebook and... Read more