Pinterest has been working for mobile users and trying to achieve a more appealing look while also becoming extra user friendly.


Pinterest has updated its latest iOS version so users can see who else is pinning to a board along with them and adding more functionality for mobile users of the visual social network. The company has stated “We made the navigation more intuitive, so it’s faster to get to where you want to go.” Some of the improvements include easier scrolling and pin management. Pinterest has also made it possible for users to delete comments, renew the description of a pin, change the location of a board and even delete a pin.

Pinterest iOS Update

The appearance of Pinterest will also be altered somewhat, with larger sized pins and updated navigation panel.

The top bar has been tidied as well, and all options have been combined into two drop-down buttons, located on either side of the screen. The right button will contain you user profile and allow you to add to your pins. The left button will allow quick access to all available categories such as home, art, food and fashion. This feature also grants the ability to all pins and feeds in the drop-down list.

Want to try it out?

Pinterest will first test the update with a small group to ensure that it runs smoothly before full release. If you would like to be one of the first to try out the new update, click here to send Pinterest your info.

The Pinterest app for Android was released sometime in August last year, alongside the iOS app. The update to the app isn’t up on the Kindle app store yet, but it will be there once the review process is complete.

How do you feel about the update and do you think it will entice more people to use Pinterest on their mobiles?

[Image via cnet]