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How to make Apple’s Safari browser as secure as possible
Apple products have a much-deserved reputation for having robust protections against hackers, phishers, malware peddlers and other ne’er-do-wells of the online community. But when it comes to Apple’s web browser, Safari, it’s important to take the same steps to protect your private information as you would using any other... Read more
Google’s Chrome Browser Overtakes Internet Explorer For The First Time
Google Chrome has officially overtaken Internet Explorer to become the world’s most used web browser. The news finally ends Microsoft’s default Windows browser’s almost two-decade long dominance as the leading internet browser. Haven’t I heard this one before? Probably. Over the last few years, quite a few tech analytics... Read more
Official Mozilla Firefox for iOS App Released
Firefox, the 2nd most used web browser in the world has finally become available for Apple iOS devices. As FileHippo reported back in September, the company behind Firefox, Mozilla had been trialing the app exclusively in New Zealand. But it was only 2 years ago that Mozilla rejected the idea of a Firefox browser... Read more
Big Day For Browser Updates
The days of being stuck having to use the pre-installed Internet Explorer browser are long gone. In the world of optional web browsers, there are a few names that reign supreme, like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Other lesser-known web browsers are still garnering attention and a loyal fan... Read more
iOS 8 Won’t Make You Type Your Credit Card Info
Well, it’s almost the beginning of summertime, which means that there are rumors-a-plenty about a new iPhone and a new iOS. While Apple has been staying pretty mum about the official details of the iPhone 6, they have let slip some information about iOS 8, and what they’ve let... Read more
WWDC 2014 Overview

WWDC 2014 Overview

News June 4, 2014

It has been 12 long months since last year’s Apple developer’s conference.  People have been speculating about iOS 8 and Mac OS X for a while now and finally the time arrived when Tim Cook took to the stage to inform everyone of Apple’s upcoming new mobile and desktop... Read more
[Readers Poll] Which Browser is the Best?
While it is generally accepted that Google Chrome has taken the dominant position in the global browser market, it’s still amazing to see just how big the discrepancies between websites that record user browser preference are. So for example, if you head to Netmarket Share, it tells you that... Read more
Skype Outlook Integration Goes Live Globally
Microsoft Webmail users can finally use Skype on as the feature is fully rolled out globally to all users, after a year of preview testing.  A senior product-marketing manager for Skype, Karen Tong, stated in a 4 February blog post that Skype for was live worldwide, following a staggered... Read more
Opera 18 For Android Released
Opera 18 for Android Brings a New Design and Dedicated Tablet Support with their  major update to the Android browser. Opera 18 for Android isn’t just a minor bug fix update. The new Opera browser is built on a code base from Chromium 31, so it should be fast and... Read more
Microsoft Working On Technology To Replace Cookies
Microsoft is developing a new technology to replace cookies.  This work is similar to projects being undertaken by Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.   Tracking cookies have come under scrutiny recently from regulators by many concerned about privacy. Certain types of cookies (Third party tracking cookies) are now easily blocked through... Read more
Google Working On Cookie Alternative
Google is working on an alternative ad tracking system that could potentially replace cookies. Cookies are used by advertisers and web sites to track your web history, so that they can tailor adverts based on your possible shopping interests. Google is working on a system called “AdID”, which would... Read more
Clickjacking Webcam Hack is Back
Webcam Hack Rears Its Head Again A new “proof of concept” is making the rounds recently, that demonstrates how a hacker can snap pictures off your webcam, right through the browser, with no consent required. You may have heard of those crazy people who put tape over their laptop’s... Read more
Must-Have Safari Extensions
We all have our browser of choice, and for me, that’s Safari. While I have had some issues lately with crashing when right-clicking to open a link in a new tab, I have to say that this browser still remains my default. That’s not saying I don’t use alternative... Read more