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We all have our browser of choice, and for me, that’s Safari. While I have had some issues lately with crashing when right-clicking to... Must-Have Safari Extensions

We all have our browser of choice, and for me, that’s Safari. While I have had some issues lately with crashing when right-clicking to open a link in a new tab, I have to say that this browser still remains my default. That’s not saying I don’t use alternative browsers, though.

Must-have Safari Extensions

Safari Extensions Gallery

I could go on and on about why Safari is my choice for a default browser, but that’s not what this post is all about. Instead, let me just share some of the best Safari extensions you can install. You can find countless extensions to use, but that does not mean you’ll actually enjoy having them. These Safari extensions on my list, however, will make your workflow – and entertainment experience – so much better.

Awesome Screenshot

I need to take screenshots a lot for work. Whether I’m writing about a web site or an app, it is always a good idea to be able to take screenshots to show the reader. It also helps a lot when I face technical issues and need to document what I encounter. Of all the Safari extensions to take screenshots, Awesome Screenshot is the best I’ve used. It gives you the option of capturing the entire page or a selected portion. After that, you can edit your screenshot – add highlights, blur certain parts, and so on. Additionally, you may save the screenshot to your hard drive or upload it their servers.


Hate Flash with a vengeance? I don’t, really, but it can get on one’s nerves in some cases. We can’t avoid the fact that there are many sites that use Flash, and unless you want to miss out on certain content, you just have to live with Flash. The brilliant thing about ClickToFlash is that it blocks the automatic launch of Flash content. Instead, you see a placeholder, which you can click if you absolutely must see the content.


If Flash can get on one’s nerves, ads are even worse. There are some sites which make me cringe on first sight – sites which do not seem to have any content but ads slapped all over the place. Sadly, some of these sites may actually offer a good read, except that a visitor is turned off immediately by the ads. To avoid seeing ads, download this AdBlock and see the Internet in a whole new light!


Buffer is a must-have extension for people who like sharing links on Twitter and Facebook. You can always access its services via the Web, but having the Safari extension allows you to share links with a single click. Not only do you get shortened URLs, which make your post neat, you also get a certain degree of tracking. More so, you can schedule posts so that you don’t flood your friends’ feeds.

Rotten Tomatoes

This last Safari extension is for pure entertainment purposes. If you are always on the lookout for movie news and information, then the Rotten Tomatoes extension should be on Safari. I can’t guarantee better productivity with the extension installed, though!