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Ransomware Attacks And Our Vehicles
A rash of ransomware attacks have left US hospitals and medical centers reeling from the aftereffects of having their networks locked and their patient information hanging in the balance. Part of the reason the facilities have suffered from data breach threats is because–quite frankly–they work. When hospitals are left... Read more
Will Autonomous Car Software Stop Road Rage?
There are a lot of reasons to applaud the innovations behind autonomous vehicles, or so-called ‘self-driving’ cars. Visually impaired individuals will theoretically have greater access to daily task independence, like driving to work or to the market. Commercial transit will ideally improve, with long-distance truck drivers no longer covering... Read more
Apple Shifts To Self-Driving Car Software
In the tech industry, companies that have survived for the long haul have done so by adapting to changing markets and consumer demand, while still innovating and bringing new products to market. Unfortunately, product development takes funding, and too many companies have experienced the destruction of their bottom line... Read more
Ford Makes Major Investment In Software
Cars and software go hand in hand, for better or for worse. On the one hand, software is powering autonomous vehicles and safer infrastructure; at the same time, software is enabling vehicles to purposely pollute the planet to dangerous levels and allowing hackers to take over vehicles in motion.... Read more
GM Buys Self-Driving Auto Software Developer
In the realm of science-fiction-becoming-fact, there have been a lot of innovations that left the pages of the book behind and became a reality. Video chatting, navigation systems, even the microwave oven were once relegated to the world of fiction, only to become seamless parts of our lives. And... Read more
BlackBerry Builds Software To Power SelfDriving Cars
While their phones may no longer be the go-to device of connected individuals everywhere, BlackBerry is far from done with technology and innovation. The same people who arguably launched the smartphone market back in the day are making a bold appearance at CES this year with software that could... Read more
Apple Working On Self-Driving Car
Rumors of Apple’s automotive project are spiralling out of control, ever since a photo of a minivan registered to Apple’s HQ in Cupertino was spotted on the streets. In a new report, Apple might be implementing an autonomous component to its car, offering a hands-free feature alongside regular driving.... Read more
Mercedes Benz Unveils ‘Luxury in Motion’ Autonomous Pod Concept
Car manufacturers have come in force to Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, showing off new self-driving software, Android Auto and CarPlay integration and generally getting involved with the event for once. Mercedes Benz decided to take it a step further, announcing a new concept for a self-driving car that... Read more
BMW Takes Its Self-Driving Car To The Limit
BMW were out to prove a point at this year’s CES. The point being that self-driving systems will not be ready until they are able to handle every type of road situation and condition. The company was conducting autonomous driving demos at the event in Las Vegas, taking the... Read more
A Self-Driving Car From Ford?
As someone who has never lived very close to family and has always had to drive long distances to visit them, I can say that I really appreciate cruise control in a vehicle. It lets my foot get rid of the cramp that comes with continually pushing down on... Read more
Ford Car Takes Control Of Steering To Avoid Accidents
Ford has being showing off the new Obstacle Avoidance system at a facility in Lommel, Belgium. The equipment, once fitted to a car, can take control of the steering wheel when it detects the risk of a collision. The car manufacturer explained that the system would warn the driver... Read more
Teen Invents Low-Cost Self-Driving Car Concept
We may now be closer to obtaining self-driving vehicles for widespread use and this is thanks to a 19-year-old Romanian student who came up with a low-cost autonomous car system. The idea brought Ionut Budisteanu the top prize, a $75,000 scholarship, in the Intel international Science and Engineering Fair.... Read more
Cadillac Super Cruise: Semi-Autonomous Driving
The self-driving car may still seem the stuff of science fiction, but the technology to make this real is actually close than you think. After Google revealed its work on self-driving vehicles, U.S. carmaker General Motors announced that it has already successfully tested semi-autonomous driving technology on a Cadillac.... Read more