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Siri is recording your private conversations
It’s looking like Siri is one bad apple. People working for Apple have heard users talking about confidential medical info, buying drugs, and even having sex, according to an article from The Guardian. How are they hearing this? They’re doing it through Siri! Contractors hired by Apple are paid... Read more
Apple’s Latest AI Acquisition
There’s no shortage of companies–Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and more, who are providing a less-than-sci-fi-movie quality experience with AI. While the days of walking into your house and being welcomed by Hal from 2001: A Space Odyssey haven’t quite panned out the way future-forward thinkers have envisioned. We have... Read more
Siri Calls Ambulance For Distraught Mother
For Apple tech Geeks, Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, may be the definitive last word in why they own an iPhone, but now they have something else to boast endlessly about too, because now Siri also calls ambulances. At least it did for one Australian mother when she found her... Read more
Google Home Is A Game Changer…Sort Of
“Siri, give me directions to the stadium.” “Hey Cortana, what time is the movie playing?” “Alexa, turn up the lights.” When it comes to voice-activated virtual assistants, there are a few top dogs that are not only meeting tech consumers’ every whim (sort of), they’re also helping to build... Read more
Introducing Viv, By The Makers Of Siri
For those of us who grew up having to dial a recorded message and sit through every single announcement just to find out what time a certain movie was playing (and woe be unto you if you made noise while we were trying to scribble down the show times,... Read more
Cortana now available on iOS and Android
Microsoft personal assistant, Cortana is now fully available for both Android and iOS …as long as you live in China, or the USA. Not that that news will come as any surprise to most people who’ve followed recent app releases. As seems to be the case with growing numbers... Read more
Ford Updates 5M Cars With Siri
This ain’t your granddaddy’s Ford… In software-related vehicle news that mercifully has nothing to do with Volkswagen destroying the planet on purpose while reaping profits, US automaker Ford has announced that as many as five million of its vehicles are compatible with an update that will enable the autos... Read more
Yahoo Planning To Launch Virtual Assistant
Yahoo is planning a virtual assistant service in the vein of Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana, according to sources speaking to Business Insider. The service will offer search results, contextual information, important updates and located-based news. Yahoo is working alongside the advertising team on the project—known internally... Read more
Just How Handy Is Amazon’s Echo?
I know what you’re thinking…how useful is this little gadget? It’s basically just another voice-activated doohickey to clutter up your bookshelf and therefore your life, right? Not so fast. Echo not only comes with built-in functionalities that are intended to make life easier for the user, but also comes... Read more
Samsung and SRI Team Up To Manufacture Iris Recognition Devices
Security is an ever increasing issue amongst today’s data-centric world. Everyone needs some form of security in order to keep their personal details safe. There are innumerable password generators, password managers, biometric fingerprint scanners and other security devices such as these. You may, like me, own an iPhone that... Read more
Cortana Coming to iOS & Android Phones
I really take advantage of Siri on my iPhone. I know a lot of people who have iPhones and don’t utilize her at all, but I’ve found the digital assistant to be very helpful. I especially use her for reminding me to do things so I don’t forget them,... Read more
Google Now Detects Accents & Mimics
Google Now is still a half measure for many Android users, the cards look like the most potent part of the program, but the voice recognition service still needs a bit of work. A new feature looks to make it easier for multiple language users to swap over on... Read more
Man Allegedly Used Siri To Help Him Commit Murder
I’ll be the first person to admit that I’ve tried to use Siri to do some stupid things. I’ve asker her to tell me jokes, if she’s single, what her favorite music is, what the answer to certain math problems are – heck, I even asked her to marry... Read more
Apple Bringing Siri To Mac OS X‏
Apple’s virtual assistant technology could be coming to Mac OS machines in the near future, according to a recent patent, named ‘Intelligent Digital Assistant in a Desktop Environment’. The new patent could add Siri on the next desktop update, OS X Yosemite. The update has been long awaited, after... Read more
How Does Cortana Stack Up Against its Rivals?
Out of all the updates that Microsoft made to Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana has to be the one that makes most of an impact. For some time now the phone platform has been struggling to keep up with its rivals but with the addition of a personal assistant, hopefully... Read more
Siri Will Soon Tell You What Song is Playing
I’ll be the first to admit that I use Siri quite a bit. I use her to schedule meetings and appointments, I use her to remind me to do errands and things around the house, and I use her to text people when I am driving. She rarely fails... Read more
Halo’s Cortana: Siri’s Nemesis?
It’s not that Siri is all that brilliant. She could be hilarious with her responses, sure, but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Ask Apple users just how often they use Siri, or even if they even rely heavily on Apple’s built-in personal assistant. There is,... Read more
2014 Honda Civic Is The Car For iOS Fans
Car enthusiasts will rave – and rant – about anything and everything about every single car that rolls out of the factory. I suppose that we all have a bit of Top Gear thinking (well, wishing) in us, but the fact remains that it is rather hard to diss... Read more