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Is It Bach, Or Sony’s AI?
If you want your kid to do well in math, experts have long said that studying music may be the way to go. A new artificial intelligence (AI) project from Sony’s Computer Science Laboratories has produced results that pretty much prove the connection between some styles of classical music and... Read more
PlayStation 4 Finally Gets New Suspend/Resume Feature
It’s a day PlayStation 4 users have been waiting for since 2013 – the day when they’d finally be able to suspend and resume their games without having to save and load them again from the home screen. Saving and loading games can be such a hassle; I can... Read more
Sony Announces 20 Million PS4 Sales
Sony has announced over 20 million PlayStation 4 sales since the launch a year and a half ago, up by nearly two million since the 18.5 million January announcement. The announcement came at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, where Sony was showing off the newest version of... Read more
Sony Looking To Invest More In PlayStation, Image Sensors
Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai revealed a three year plan to bring the Japanese electronics company back to profitability, by lowering investment in poorly performing divisions or potentially selling them, alongside investing more heavily on profitable divisions. The new plan comes after Sony sold the PC division to Japanese Industrial... Read more
Use A PlayStation Controller As A Coffee Table
Are you an avid gamer who’s trying to spruce up your living room a little bit? Haven’t found just the right feng shui yet? Can’t get everything coordinated just the way you want it? Why not just use the PlayStation 3 controller as a coffee table? Of course I... Read more
Are We Going To See a 4K PS4 and Xbox One in 2015?
According to claims by streaming content provider Netflix, both Microsoft and Sony are going to release revised versions of their Xbox One and PS4 gaming consoles, which support 4K content later on this year. Huffington Post reported that Neil Hunt, Netflix’s Chief Product Officer, said during a press conference... Read more
PlayStation Now Available On January 13 With Subscription Service
Sony has been working on the PlayStation Now beta for a few months, fixing some of the kinks on the service, and adding a new subscription option, for customers who don’t want to rent a video game. The streaming service will launch on January 13 across the U.S. and... Read more
PlayStation Vue coming to PS3 and PS4 first
Sony has updated information on the PlayStation Vue, the new cloud-based TV service coming this year. The service has been in beta for PS3 and PS4 over December, as Sony tries to flush out some of the bugs before the big launch, early this year. Sony did not give... Read more
Woman Buys PS4 From Target & Gets A Box Of Bibles
Well, it turns out it’s not just happening at Walmart. Sadly, another retail shopper has had a bad experience when buying a PS4. (And by “bad experience”, I mean that the shopper didn’t get anything close to what they were attempting to purchase). Last week, Techbeat reported that a... Read more
Man Buys PS4 At Walmart & Gets A Box Of Rocks
I’ve bought plenty of video game consoles from the store in my day, including a Nintendo Gamecube, an Xbox, a PS2, and Xbox 360, etc; I know well the feelings of anticipation brought on by such a purchase. You can’t wait to get home to unbox it, hook it... Read more
No Console Required: Samsung And Sony Team Up For Playstation Now Service
The ability to play Playstation games has, up until now, always necessitated a Sony Playstation console. With the advent of Playstation Now, the console is no longer required to play some Playstation titles. Sony have collaborated with Samsung to bring the game streaming service, PlayStation Now, to Samsung Smart... Read more
Snapchat Acquires Wearable Tech Firm Vergence Labs
Snapchat has recently acquired a US startup, Vergence Labs, which manufactures a Google Glass-type gadget. This information has surfaced after a leak from Sony Entertainment CEO and Snapchat board member Michael Lynton’s email inbox was hacked as part of the hugely publicised Sony hack. The hacked emails reveal that Snapchat has... Read more
Sony Pictures Hack Traced Back to Bangkok Hotel
Sony Pictures has had a rough few weeks, the hacking group going by the name of #GOP managed to infiltrate Sony’s system, shut it down for over a week and steal all 10TB of information. Even though the FBI and security experts still cannot pinpoint the attacker, new developments... Read more
Playstation Network Hacked
Hacking is becoming more high profile and more and more¬†prolific. On Monday of this week, Sony’s online PlayStation store was hacked wide open by a group called Lizard Squad.¬† When any visitor navigated to the site they were are greeted with a message which read “Page Not Found! It’s... Read more
Did North Korea Attack Sony Pictures?
After almost a week of downtime, Sony Pictures has finally restored most of the valuable systems at the studio, getting back to work. The hackers, who are still going under the ominous title #GOP, leaked out all of the information on Sony’s private network, including visa, passwords, business details... Read more
Sony Experiments with New E-Paper Fes Watch
Sony has been experimenting with its smartwatch design and has come up with the Fes Watch, a minimalist and monochrome looking watch made from e-paper. The thought process behind this unconventional smartwatch is to look at how fashion can play more of a roll in technology. Of course, it... Read more
Sony Pictures Hacked

Sony Pictures Hacked

Internet November 30, 2014

Hacking appears to be news on a daily basis. Hackers are in every town in every country. The latest victim in the war on cybercriminals is Sony Pictures. The technology firm did not respond to any requests for comment this week, but they have confirmed they have experienced a... Read more
Xbox One Sales Triple After Holiday Price Cut
A couple of weeks ago, Techbeat reported that Microsoft was getting into the Christmas spirit by dropping the price on their latest video game console, the Xbox One. Up until lately, Sony had been outselling Microsoft in the console war, but that is no longer the case thanks to... Read more