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Google Doodle Celebrates Juno Jupiter Mission
Welcome to Jupiter, Juno. NASA aren’t the only ones celebrating the Juno spacecraft’s successful arrival at Jupiter this week. In a surprise move, and also that someone at Google was obviously hoping and anticipating that Juno wouldn’t miss or indeed slam right into Jupiter, literally minutes after Juno entered... Read more
Top Nerdcation Destinations For The Geek In All Of Us
When I had the chance to take an all-expenses-paid trip to Las Vegas, I was more than a little peeved that my travel buddies didn’t want to “waste” any of the vacation by taking the one-day bus trip to Lake Meade, the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon. They... Read more
International Space Station Salutes Leonard Nimoy
If you were online at all this weekend or had the television on for more than a few moments, you more than likely heard that Leonard Nimoy, better known as “Mr. Spock” from the original Star Trek series, passed away after a battle with COPD. He was 83 years old.... Read more
“Used” Star Trek Phaser Going Up For Auction
While I’m no “Trekkie”, I have watched my fair share of Star Trek. I loved the space-travel, the Enterprise, but most of all, I thought the phasers were awesome. They reminded me of the future, yes, but they also reminded me of something out of the past, like, something out... Read more
German Scientists Create 3D ‘Teleporter’
The familiar sound of the Starship Enterprise’s teleporter has had young and old alike grinning with excitement at the prospect of molecular transportation becoming a reality. ‘Scotty’ first beamed up Captain Kirk and the crew, over 49 years ago in the first episode of Star Trek, and it seems... Read more
Star Trek 3 To Release On Classic Show’s 50th Anniversary
I don’t know how you felt about them, but I was pretty impressed with J.J. Abrams take on the newest Star Trek films. I’ll be the first person to admit that I was a little hesitant to watch the first one after I saw the original trailer (where I saw laser-swords... Read more
Check Out The U.S.S. Enterprise in Gingerbread
You know the holiday season is upon us when you start seeing iconic space vehicles recreated in gingerbread, specifically the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek. I have to admit – I enjoyed the movies, but I was never much of a trekkie, but I think even I could get... Read more
NASA Physicist Unveils Warp Speed Spacecraft Design
I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to Sci-Fi.  I love movies such as The Empire Strikes Back and Stargate, and as a kid I really enjoyed escaping reality by watching TV series like Star Trek.  To me, the idea of traveling to distant stars or... Read more
This Star Trek Phaser Remote is For The Trekkie in Us All
Even if you were never of huge fan of Star Trek while it was on TV, you’d probably admit to at least thinking some of the technology featured on the show was pretty neat. For instance – having a tricorder around could really come in handy sometimes. And, who wouldn’t... Read more
‘Holodeck’ Created With Kinect & Oculus
Oliver Kreylos, a researcher at University of California, has combined three Microsoft Kinect devices with an Oculus Rift headset to import a graphical 3D representation of himself into a virtual reality.  Thus the first  Star Trek ‘holodeck’ is born. The process is made by merging the Kinects’ video stream... Read more
Councilman Writes Resignation Letter In Klingon
What’s the most memorable way you’ve ever resigned from a job? Did you tell your boss to “shove it” as the old song says? Did you give him or her that piece of your mind you’d been wanting to give them for years? Or, did you just quit on... Read more
Captain James T Kirk: Wristwatch Designer
William Shatner is a man of many talents; actor, comedian, narrator and singer, to mention a few of his many roles.  The man is best known though, for his portrayal of James Tiberius Kirk of the Star Trek franchise.  He has now though, apparently turned his talents to the ancient... Read more
Glass Desktop Case & Star Trek Aspire R7 – Computex 2013
Computex 2013 certainly had something to offer for everyone, whether you’re interested in software, gaming or gadgets, this year’s event had it all. There were two things which caught my eye and I thought they would be a nice round up to what has been an action packed week... Read more