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Uber CEO Quits Trump Advisory Board After Public Pressure
Travis Kalanick leaves advisory economic council after intense criticism and viral online boycott of Uber. In an email to staff that was subsequently leaked to several news agencies, Kalanick said: “Joining the group was not meant to be an endorsement of the president or his agenda but unfortunately it... Read more
More EU Legal Woes For Uber
European court says Uber is officially a taxi firm. It’s time we admitted it: Uber is a company that has some serious issues. They’re like that little kid who’s always in trouble at school, but admittedly never for the same infraction twice. As a bro-based business model, they find new... Read more
Uber App Update Tracks You When You’re Not Using It
Ride sharing company Uber is no stranger to controversy. From lawsuits dating back to 2014, the company has been routinely accused of violating its customers’ privacy by tracking their locations and accessing the ride logs for their trips. This practice has extended to everyone from celebrities and reporters to business... Read more
Uber’s Self-Driving Dreams Are On Hold
What could possibly be better than “hiring” a global team of contractors to drive passengers for your company while not actually paying them as your employees? Getting rid of them altogether. At least, that seems to be the ideal now that Uber has launched its self-driving car project. Think... Read more
Uber: Illegitimate Taxi Service Or Just Software?
“Ridesharing” uber company Uber has denied accusations that it should be regulated like a taxi service in Europe, claiming its product is nothing more than smartphone software that connects drivers and customers. Uber made this argument at the highest court in the European Union, the European Court of Justice.... Read more
New Apps Meet Everyday Needs
Years ago, I was standing on a Manhattan street corner, waiting on the car service to take me to the airport. A colleague who’d attended the same conference said, “Why are you waiting out here? Just use Uber.” After my blank stare, she was inclined to explain about this... Read more
Uber Tests Driver Behavior Tracking Software
If you’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in a taxi through metropolitan rush hour traffic, then Uber’s new driver tracking software may give you cause to smile…or at least breathe a sigh of relief. The ride-hailing service has faced harsh criticism–and has even had cities block the service... Read more
Uber Wants You To Hack Its System
As the world of white hat hackers has proven, you don’t have to be a jerk just because you have mad skills with a computer. Hacktivists and white hats have already done life-changing work for companies, government agencies, and even law enforcement. Private corporations have often invited hackers to... Read more
Microsoft Puts $100M Into Uber
Despite some legal troubles–both civil and criminal–for the five-year-old ride sharing car service Uber, its latest round of fundraising got a significant boost from Microsoft. The software giant reportedly invested $100 million dollars in the company, bringing its total value to somewhere in the neighborhood of $50 billion.  ... Read more
App Review: Citymapper Travel And Transit App For iOS
When an app has won this many awards–the Apple 2013 and 2014 App of the Year and Editor’s Choice awards, MTA New York City App Quest Grand Prize, the Best Overall Mobile App 2014 by Mobile World Congress, the Design of the Year 2014 by London Design Museum, Essential... Read more
Uber To Add In-App Panic Button In India
In December 2014, ride sharing service Uber, announced plans for much tighter safety measures in India, following the rape of a passenger who was using the service. Uber have now confirmed that two new security features, an in-app panic button and journey/location sharing, will be rolled out to users in India... Read more
Watch Out Uber, Flywheel Raised $12 Million
You may have heard of Flywheel, it’s the app-enabled cab hailing startup that rivals Uber. They are causing quite a stir at the moment as the firm recently announced that it had raised $12 million in Series C funding. The company’s new CEO, Rakesh Mathur, isn’t shy about his... Read more
Uber Fight Escalates in Germany
The fight for ride sharing is on.  Only last month the on-demand ride-hailing service Uber was looking at a ban in Berlin, Germany, on the grounds of passenger safety. That ban was subsequently suspended only days later. The court involved is still undetermined over the rules on the legality... Read more
Taxi Unions Attack Uber Car in Paris
French taxi drivers had arranged a major protest on Monday but things turned nasty, as the demonstrators took their frustrations out on Uber cars outside two of Paris’ main airports. Five major taxi unions had joined forces to protest against the “unfair competition” from Uber and other chauffeur services,... Read more
BlackJet – The Uber For Planes isn’t Taking off
Everyone has heard about Uber, the startup that connects people with drivers with a tap – or two. For cities where Uber has a presence, commuters are treated to the convenience of finding a ride with ease, as opposed to flailing your arms about and perfecting your wolf whistling... Read more