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When an app has won this many awards–the Apple 2013 and 2014 App of the Year and Editor’s Choice awards, MTA New York City... App Review: Citymapper Travel And Transit App For iOS

When an app has won this many awards–the Apple 2013 and 2014 App of the Year and Editor’s Choice awards, MTA New York City App Quest Grand Prize, the Best Overall Mobile App 2014 by Mobile World Congress, the Design of the Year 2014 by London Design Museum, Essential App of the Year by Stuff Magazine–it has to be good, right?

It is…if you live in New York and only want to go to Chicago.

Okay, let’s be fair. Citymapper is really awesome. It’s cool looking, it’s easy to use, it even has a built-in sense of humor. Don’t believe that? Go read the description of the update on its iOS page and see if your coffee doesn’t come out your nose.


Right now, Citymapper really only helps you if you’re in one of its 17 cities and speak one of the six languages it’s available in. If you’re not, it literally does nothing for you except chew up space on your phone. But if you were traveling in New York, Chicago, Washington DC, even Barcelona or Paris, this app does it all. Find a bus or subway? Check. Need something to eat? Check. Don’t want to use your phone’s data at international rates? Check…this thing works offline.

Citymapper offers up A to B trip planning with real-time travel information, coupled with real-time departure info on all the different methods of transportation at your disposal. It includes maps of local interest bike routes and even tells you where to find the nearest bike share kiosk. Along with that, you can get up-to-the-minute line status and disruption alerts on traffic and transit so you’ll know if you’re going to make your meeting or the movie on time. It even offers Uber and Hailo integration for locating a cab, and weather information to let you know how wet you’re going to get while waiting for that cab.

If Citymapper doesn’t cover any region or city you’ll need in the near future, never fear. It’s free today in the App Store, so you want to stop what you’re doing (after you finish reading this article) and go nab it for yourself. Even if it doesn’t do anything you need it to do today, you’ll have it in your Purchased apps for when the day comes. And at the rate that the app’s accolades are stacking up, there’s a good chance it’ll cover your city soon.

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