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Verizon’s Yahoo Bid Sails Toward Rocks
Life for anyone involved with the troubled former internet titan, Yahoo, is continuing to get worse. With a recent history of failed spinoffs, strategic blunders, falling market share, and a continual brain drain as employees jump ship to competitors, it now also seems that Verizon’s $4.8 billion bid for... Read more
Verizon Leaks Early Pics Of Google’s Pixel Smartphone
Only hours away from Google’s highly anticipated live hardware unveiling event, Verizon and a few other key people did the unthinkable: they leaked pictures of Google’s new smartphone online. Media embargoes and non-disclosure agreements can be tricky things. Violating the agreement not to divulge information before the appointed time... Read more
Yahoo Secretly Scanned User Emails For US Government
According to a news report from Reuters, Yahoo last year designed custom software that searched all of its customers’ incoming emails for specific information provided by U.S. intelligence officials. Yahoo is currently in the process of being taken over by Verizon Communications in a $4.8bn (ÂŁ3.8bn) deal. “Yahoo is... Read more
2014 Cyber Attack On Yahoo Hit 500 Million Users
Yahoo has admitted that a cyber-attack that took place in 2014 stole data from around 500 million user accounts, 300 million more than it originally admitted to in August. The news broke a new record for what may be the largest publicly disclosed hack in history. Information accessed and... Read more
200 Million Yahoo Accounts Up For Sale On Dark Web
Yahoo, the former web giant that once allegedly passed up the opportunity to buy both Google and Facebook, and was sold to Verizon last week for a fraction of what it was once worth, is investigating a possible huge data breach of its users credentials. The hacker known as... Read more
Yahoo Sold To Verizon…
…And Yahoo Becomes Just Another Footnote In The History Of The World Wide Web. Yes that’s right, Yahoo, the once ruling overlord of the World Wide Web has sold its core internet business properties to Verizon for $4.83 billion in cash. The news marks an ignoble end to a... Read more
Cybersecurity Report: Elite Hackers, Or Human Error?
Two new cybersecurity reports were released this week and they brought some surprising news: hackers don’t have to be great at what they do… employees do the hard work of infiltrating a network for them. The reports–conducted separately by Verizon Communications and Symantec–showed that the biggest threat to business... Read more
Sprint Wants to Cut your Smartphone Bill in Half
If you’re someone who wants to save quite a bit of money on your smartphone bill and is tired of having either Verizon or AT&T as your service provider, Sprint has just announced a pretty tempting offer. Beginning this Friday (12/5/14), if you bring in a copy of your current bill... Read more
Redbox Instant is Going Offline
Beginning on October 7th, Redbox will shut down their “Instant” video streaming service through Verizon. What started back in 2012 as a Netflix alternative never really took off or was able to make a dent in the market so handedly held by other streaming services such as Netflix and... Read more
Verizon To Begin Slowing Down 4G LTE Data Speeds
If you are currently on an unlimited data plan with Verizon (which is about 20% of all Verizon customers who have a data package), some recent news they’ve announced might soon affect you in a big way. Due to more and more people using more and more data each... Read more
T-Mobile Will Buy You Out Of Your Phone Contract
If you are tired of being shackled to your cell phone contract with AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint and don’t want to pay any kind of outrageous early termination fee to end your relationship with them, I think I may have some good news for you. After all, who would... Read more
Verizon Announces Its Ellipsis 7 Tablet 
Verizon just joined the tablet wars by officially announcing its first 7-inch Android tablet, the Ellipsis 7. It’s not like we need another tablet to add to the already sometimes overwhelming set of choices, but there is always the thought of another manufacturer possibly bringing something new to the... Read more
Verizon HTC One Update To Reduce Glitches
Recently HTC started rolling out Android 4.3 to Canada.  Now Verizon has just released documentation for its own upcoming HTC One update. And before you all start salivating the update does not include Android 4.3! Version 1.10.605.10 is all about making the HTC One run smoother with no/less glitches and... Read more
Verizon Agree To Pay $130 Billion For Vodafone Wireless Business
On Monday Verizon Communications agreed to buy the U.S. wireless business from Vodafone Group for $130 billion, making  history as the third largest corporate deal announcement. For Verizon this will mean full access to the profits from the United States largest mobile operator. It will give the company the... Read more
Verizon CEO Is The Guy To Thank For LTE On The iPhone
Are you using LTE on the iPhone yet? I’ve been on the iPhone 4 for a couple of years now, and I am still waiting for the right time (read: my contract to end) to get the iPhone 5. While rumors abound that the iPhone 5S is on its... Read more