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Microsoft Ends Support For Windows 8
There was a plethora of news released by Microsoft on Tuesday. As well as Tuesday January 12 being the first patch Tuesday of 2016, it was also the last day that the company announced it would be supporting the Windows 8 operating system. In the same announcement, Microsoft also... Read more
Windows 10 Installed on 200 Million Devices Globally
Windows 10, Microsoft’s flagship OS is now active on more than 200,000,000 devices monthly. This is big news for the Redmond based company that only launched the new version of Windows back in August. According to the official Windows Experience blog, Windows 10 is now on the fastest ever... Read more
Windows 10: Upgrade Now, Or Tonight. Now? 
Microsoft have begun putting pressure on people to make the upgrade to Windows 10, and not everyone is happy about it. If you’re one of those people still running Windows 7 or Windows 8 then by now you might have noticed Microsoft have begun pushing Windows 10 on you... Read more
Microsoft Names End Date For Windows 7
Fans of an older Windows operating system have reason to feel the pang of nostalgia today: Microsoft has quietly announced the end date for Windows 7. This end date will affect the sale of computers with the operating system pre-installed, but the announcement also lists two further dates when support... Read more
Windows 10 Installed over 50 Million Times
In what might possibly be the most unsurprising software news ever, Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Operating System has been installed 53 million times and  managed to capture almost 5% of the market in just under 3 weeks. These figures have been reported by several tech related websites in the... Read more
Windows 10 Will Be Free, Even For Software Pirates
When Microsoft introduced security keys for Windows XP, it was the beginning of a long and tiring battle against piracy, one it would ultimately fail to control with users capable of downloading a full Windows 8 license in under two minutes. Instead of continuing the tirade against pirates, it... Read more
Mainstream Support For Windows 7 Ends-Extended Support Continues
Time flies doesn’t it? Only recently support for Windows XP ended. So I was amazed to hear that Microsoft will no longer offer mainstream support for Windows 7 from 13/01/15. The final mainstream support ending means the relatively new operating system will no longer receive any new features. Microsoft... Read more
Need An Old Style Start Menu In Windows 8? Checkout StartW8
StartW8 is a free but very powerful tool for Windows 8 users. Do you prefer classic desktop to a modern UI? Would you like to logon directly to desktop? With StartW8 you can use Start menu for running your apps or anything else that you can do with a... Read more
Microsoft Security Flaw Affecting Windows 95 Onwards Patched
Microsoft announced the other day that there has been a critical security flaw in all versions of their operating system. It has existed in all versions of  the Windows OS since Windows 95. So, I guess for the last 19 years the guys over at Microsoft have been looking... Read more
What OS X Yosemite Has That Windows 8 Doesn’t
When Apple execs unveiled OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014 it soon became clear that Apple wanted to embrace desktop users, perhaps more so than Microsoft with Windows 8. Our recent poll showed just how unhappy you have been with Windows 8 and that’s despite the attempts to put... Read more
Has Windows 8.1 Saved Windows 8? – Poll Results
Thank you to everyone who voted and left comments on our recent poll to find out whether you think Windows 8.1 has saved Windows 8. We received just over 4,000 votes and it was a pretty close run from the start. However, 59% of voters decided ‘No’, Windows 8.1 has not... Read more
[Readers Poll] Has Windows 8.1 Saved Windows 8?
At Apple’s WWDC 2014 developer conference earlier this month, we got the first glimpses of OS X Yosemite and unlike Windows 8,  it is clearly aimed at the desktop user. Microsoft has really tried hard to resolve the fact that people just don’t like Windows 8 with its trendy... Read more
Windows 7 Still Dominating OS Market Followed By Windows XP
It’s less than a week before Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows XP, but it doesn’t look like Microsoft’s attempts to get people off the operating system has made a significant impact. NetMarketshare just released the latest data on operating system market shares, which only goes to show that the... Read more
Firefox 28 Released, Windows 8 Metro Excluded
We all have our Internet browser of choice, but the numbers show that Firefox is the second most dominant, second only to Chrome. This data comes from w3schools and is applicable as of January 2014. The trend, however, is the same in the past year. It is thus no... Read more
Microsoft UX Designer: “Metro is Crap For Power Users”
That comes straight from the horse’s mouth, folks – a guy who is directly involved in designing UX for Microsoft, who goes by the name pwnies on Reddit. Of course, we know just how bad things can go on the site, especially when Redditors get all riled up; and then... Read more
“Windows 7 is Back” Says HP
HP looks as though it is taking its stand against Windows 8. Over the weekend the company sent its customers emails, informing them that “Windows 7 is back”. The PC making company has launched a new promotion on its website, offering people a saving of $150, if they choose... Read more
Lenovo Announces Miix2, Its First 8-inch Windows 8.1 Tablet
While a huge chunk of the tech world is looking forward to tomorrow, when Apple makes the official announcements about its latest iPads, the rest of the world continues breathing. In fact, other tablets are being designed, announced, and released as well. One of them is the Lenovo Miix2,... Read more
Scottish Government To Implement Major Windows 8 Tablet Rollout
The Scottish government is all set to roll out a major deployment of Windows 8 tablets following a successful proof-of-concept by York-based IT integrator Trustmarque.  The decision is a significant triumph for Windows 8, which was designed from conception, to work equally well on both desktops and tablets, but... Read more