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Microsoft Plans Remote Desktop On iOS And Android Soon
Microsoft have recently let slip in a press release that with the launch of Windows Server 2012 R2, it will release its Remote Desktop app, not just on Windows, Windows RT and OS X, but also iOS and Android.  Apparently, it is scheduled for later this month! This marks... Read more
Valve Announce SteamOS, The Operating System For Living Room Gaming
Valve has revealed its very own Linux-based operating system called SteamOS, which is designed for living room gaming PCs. This is the first step towards it achieving its vision for an open video game console, which it has named Steam Box. “It will be available soon as a free... Read more
Developers Get Early Access To Windows 8.1
Microsoft have given in to developers and allowed them to have early access of Windows 8.1. The company had announced that they would receive the new release at the same time as everyone else but programmers raised an outry, as normally certified developers get early access to new versions.... Read more
Asus Will Stop Making Windows RT Tablets
Asus has told the Wall Street Journal that it will no longer make Windows RT tablets with ARM chips due to it taking a loss on the Windows RT devices in the last quarter. The company has said that it will build full Windows 8 devices using Intel processors... Read more
Microsoft Release Preview Of Windows 8.1
Microsoft Corp released a test version of Windows 8.1 on Wednesday. Many computer users were left confused and unsure of the new tile-based interface that was launched with Windows 8. The interface, which works best with touch-screen devices, left fans of the traditional desktop PC longing for the old-style... Read more
Microsoft To Launch Sculpt Mouse Range
Mice or mouses? Unless you’re particularly finicky when it comes to grammar, who cares? (If you really are particular about these things, though, you’ll find this discussion interesting.) However you wish to call a bunch of those devices you use to point and click when using the computer, you... Read more
Windows 8.1 Free Update Available June 26th
Since it was announced, Windows Blue has functioned like a carrot on a stick for Windows 8 users who have had complaints about the operating system. Well, that may very well be majority of the users, but Windows has never been a stranger to complaints anyway. It is quite... Read more
Windows 8 Passes 100 Million Sales – Focus Turns To Blue 8.1
The Windows 8 platform might not be the most liked of Windows OS‘ but that hasn’t stopped it from surpassing 100 million in sales since launching six months ago. Microsoft Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller revealed the sales milestone on Monday but didn’t break down... Read more
Windows OEMs Shipped 3 Million Tablets In Q1 2013
Microsoft Windows tablet OEMs combined to ship 3 million devices in Q1 2013. The team at Strategy Analytics examined sales channels for the Windows 8 and Windows RT based devices to determine Microsoft’s 7.5 percent share of the global branded tablet market. In comparison the study found that 19.5 million... Read more
Windows 8 Touch Devices Will Sell For $200
Touch-enabled laptops running Windows 8, that is. Do you still remember the days when the idea of being able to interact with your laptop via the screen was a wonder to behold and was basically a dream of the future? Gone are those days, we are living the future,... Read more
Windows 8 is Adopted by More Users in January
The newest numbers show that more and more people are making the switch to Windows 8.  According to the latest numbers released by analytics firm Net Applications, the Windows 8 adoption rate increased by over 30 percent in January.  The increase in adoption is perhaps not surprising, as  the... Read more
VLC For Windows 8 Gets Kickstarter Backing
VLC is one of the best – if not the best – media players out there. Whether you are a Windows user or a Mac user, VLC can do the job without all the issues that other media players present. The open-source media player first saw daylight in 1996,... Read more
What the New Windows 8 Phone Has to Offer
The new Windows 8 has gotten some great reviews and experts say it has improved on the earlier models with better software and hardware. It is a great choice for first-time smart phone buyers because it offers different options from the Android and iPhone devices. It will also appeal... Read more
New Features In Windows 8
When Windows 8 launches on Oct. 26 2012 the new operating system will looking decidedly different than previous versions of the Windows OS and design changes won’t be the only new features found on the OS. Microsoft is introducing deeper account integration, better hardware support and even increased security... Read more
Chrome Versus IE 10

Chrome Versus IE 10

InternetNews September 11, 2012

The browser wars have been going on for how long now? Back in the day – sometime in the early 90s, Netscape’s Navigator was the dominant browser . Then came Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which eroded the influence and market share of Navigator in the late 90s. Thus the concept... Read more
What to Expect From Windows 8 [HINT: It’s the New Windows Vista]
Windows 8 has been hyped to high heavens and beyond for a while now. Whether or not the operating system lives up to the hype, we are yet to find out. Opinions vary, naturally, but there is one thing every camp can agree on: Windows 8 is the biggest... Read more