Does anyone remember the days when email was mentioned using its “full name”, electronic mail? How about the times when email was practically synonymous to Hotmail or Yahoo? Then Google entered the email scene, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Gmail's new compose view

Sure, other webmail platforms still have a good number of users, but Gmail has definitely made huge strides in this market. And with the Google team being known for their innovativeness and for coming up with new features for users on a regular basis, it is no surprise that many users look forward to the sure treat or two.

About a week ago, the team of the Gmail Blog released an announcement about their new Compose Email view. Some of you might have noticed it, some may even be using it already. What’s it about?

Key Features of Gmail’s New Compose Email View

The main thing about the new Compose Email view is that it pops up in another window. This spells convenience. With a capital “C” if you wish. Think about it, you do not have to keep saving and closing your drafts to check other emails for information that is vital to your reply.

New Compose Email View

The new view also offers the capability of inserting line images, which makes it easier for users who like sending photos via email.

What I Like About Gmail’s New Compose Email View

I have been using the new view on and off for a week now, and the main reason I have been doing this is that it really does make creating replies faster. For work, I sometimes have to check email threads that are longer than my arm. Having the “multi-tasking” nature of the new view does help. The trimming down of options also makes writing emails faster and simpler.

Additionally, I like the design of the new view. I have always like Gmail’s looks, and this does not change with the developments.

What I Don’t Like About Gmail’s New Compose Email View

The only thing I can say in this regard is that the same thing that can be useful – trimming down of options – is also sometimes a drawback. There are times when I need the more extensive formatting options of the old view. In these cases, though, there is always the option of reverting to the classic look.

Have you been using Gmail’s new Compose Email view? How has your experience been?

[Images via Gmail Blog & tabtimes]