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Amazon Workmail from $4 per Month
If you use email (who doesn’t?), it is most likely that you will use Microsoft’s Outlook program or Google’s Gmail program in your place of work. Things maybe about to change as Amazon’s latest venture shows. The online retail giant announced on January 28th a new service called WorkMail.... Read more
Pre-Mobile Tech Companies Re-Inventing Their Core Apps for Mobile
The mobile world is becoming vastly different from desktop, with several pre-mobile companies redeveloping their core apps around mobile and tablet, to offer a new experience. This all started with Facebook Paper a few months ago. Rumored to be the new RSS feed, Facebook Paper actually offers more than... Read more
iPhone & iPhone 6 Plus Gets Support For Gmail
With the development of larger displays for all kinds of Smart devices, such as tablet computers and mobile telephones, developers have been working to ensure, amongst other things, the size of the text is readable on larger displays. In line with this, software developers at Google have updated the Gmail app... Read more
Google Email/Calendar Integration Increases With Inferred Events
For a while now there have been a few rumours flying about concerning Google and them making use of ‘inferred events’ (events grabbed from Gmail/other Google services) and presenting it as a card in the Google Now service. Well, it looks like the rumour is now a reality for... Read more
Students Sue Google Over Email Snooping
A group of Californian students have chosen to take a stand against Google’s email surveillance, claiming that it is a violation of federal and state privacy laws. The group are actually suing Google and the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California is in the process of... Read more
Google Beefs Up Gmail Security
Do you regularly use a Gmail account? So do I. And for the most part I’ve been really happy with the Google service. I think it’s intuitive and I can’t complain that it doesn’t do what I need it to when I need it to. And with recent reports... Read more
Microsoft Tool Makes it Easier For Gmail Users to Switch to
So it’s been a year since Microsoft converted Hotmail to Not only did the webmail service get a newish name, but it also got a new look plus some other features that were aimed at getting people to use the Microsoft product once again. Perhaps, the company was... Read more
Microsoft Steps Up Its Anti-Google Campaign
For the past few months Microsoft has been attempting to put people off using Google services through its “Scroogled” campaign. It seems it has stepped up the anti-Google theme by introducing an entire section on its online store, dedicated to selling merchandise with anti-Google slogans. There is a range... Read more
Ads Coming On Gmail For Android
Well you could say we had it coming.  Nothing in this world stays free for long and it looks as though finally Google has got us where it wants us, right in the advertisers sights!  News has emerged that those really nice people over at Google will now be... Read more
Gmail Tabs: Ads That Look Like Emails
Google’s Gmail has a new layout and with it, a new and very confusing form of advertising.  Gmail Tabs were introduced by Google earlier this year and have been designed to automatically filter your electronic mail as it arrives into a number of predefined inboxes. The standard tabs are... Read more
Gmail’s New Compose Email View
Does anyone remember the days when email was mentioned using its “full name”, electronic mail? How about the times when email was practically synonymous to Hotmail or Yahoo? Then Google entered the email scene, and the rest, as they say, is history. Sure, other webmail platforms still have a... Read more
Is Better Than Gmail?
Microsoft has struggled against Gmail in the email sector for years, something Microsoft hopes to remedy with the release of, the company’s answer to its own aging service.  Launched with a beautifully crafted user interface looks more like a Google product than a Microsoft platform. The... Read more