The latest in the popular series will be released in the Spring of 2013.  Details of Grand Theft Auto V have just been released to allow fans to wait with even more anticipation.  This episode will have three characters that players can switch back and forth from during the game to get different perspectives.

Grand Theft Auto V Released Spring 2013

 The Characters

Michael is a 40-year old male character that is a retired bank robber who has decided to get back into the life of crime along with his friend, Trevor.  Trevor has made a career out of crime and enjoys violence.  The third character, Franklin, is younger than the others.

The missions will use a different combination of the characters while players can switch between them with just a touch of a button.

The Changes

The world has grown for the characters in Grand Theft Auto V with even the ability to explore underwater.  The driving will feel more like racing with more physics to the cars.  Shooting has also improved in this installment of the series along with the models of pedestrians.

Characters can change their clothes and an original musical score will be part of the new game.  The characters have families and friends separate from the threesome and players can watch them in their individual lives.  All three characters will have their own hobbies.  The characters can enjoy activities and find plenty of ways to spend all of that money.

The game will be multiplayer but details are not available yet.  Characters from Grand Theft Auto IV and Liberty City will make an appearance in the game, but don’t expect big name stars.

Grand Theft Auto V is set to be released sometime in the spring but no specific date as of yet.  The first trailer to the game has been released with a second one set for later in November.  Fans of the game will enjoy the latest installment as it promises to be more of the same, only better.

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