If you are like most people, you have a long list of activities and jobs that need to get done.  Busy planners appreciate a good app to help make the job easier.  Here is a list of the best apps to help you get everything done this holiday season so you have some more time to relax.

Helpful Apps for the Holiday Season


You probably have a lot of plans and parties to attend, gifts to buy, and other things to remember.  Evernote makes it easier to keep recipes you want to try for your holiday dinner or clip web coupons.  You can get your notes from anywhere and type them up or record them from your smartphone so that you don’t forget anything important.

Gift List

This app allows you to track who you are buying gifts for and what you have gotten them.  You can create a budget and see how much you have spent on each person at any time.  The app also lets you check people off your list as you finish with them.  This app is designed for the iPhone.


The last thing you want is to end up over budget and in debt from your holiday spending, which is where Mint comes in.  It connects to your bank account so that it can immediately record your spending and tell you how much you have spent over the last month in different areas.  You can even track cash with this app and it will send you an alert when you get below a certain balance in your account.  When you are busy spending money, this can be a valuable tool.

Google Shopper

This app searches the web for deals and lets you know the cheapest price in your vicinity.  You can scan a barcode to get information about a specific item or search by typing in keywords or speaking the information.  This allows you to get the best deals for the most savings.

All of these apps will make your holiday to-do list just a little easier to handle and have money and time left over.


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