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EaseUS MobiMover Free 3.0 for iPhone: Simple, Effective, Intuitive, Free
Effortlessly transfer photos, music, videos and more from your computer to your iPhone or iPad with EaseUS MobiMover Free. EaseUS MobiMover Free is a professional iPhone manager, that also doubles as a data transfer tool giving allowing you to export photos, music, videos, contacts, notes and Safari bookmarks, with... Read more
MoboPlay added to FileHippo
The all-in-one Android and iOS manager. MoboPlay for PC has been added to FileHippo’s massive range of great free software. This powerful multi-file manager makes it easier than ever to manage your devices. You can now freely backup, restore, and manage your files, apps, ringtones, wallpapers, music, and images... Read more
Why Choose BlueStacks App Player?
The power of smartphones is really amazing. In an awe-inspiring level of techno-evolution, we’ve gone from the pleather-encased bag phone of the ’90s to a palm-sized supercomputer in the course of one consumer generation. But there are still some limitations on the smartphone of today that makes them just... Read more
Featured Software: Password Boss
There’s a universal truth about passwords: they suck. More specifically, it’s tech users who kinda suck at coming up with passwords. Why? Because it’s annoying, or because it’s time consuming, or more likely, because there’s this little belief that hacking won’t happen to them. But with record setting numbers... Read more
SFMOMA: Rethinking Interactive Software
If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting a major-name museum, gallery, or iconic city, you may have had the option to take part in an interactive, self-guided tour. These tours date back decades, and depending on the technology used to power it, they may have been either engaging or... Read more
Sick? Apple’s Got An App For That.
If there’s one universal truth about healthcare, it’s that there’s simply not enough access to it, at least not affordable access. So it’s no wonder that services like the video chat-based Doctor On Demand have cropped up, as well as hundreds of apps aimed at helping patients with every... Read more
Ex Firefox Boss Releases Open Source Ad-Blocking Web Browser In Brave Move
The newly released web browser Brave claims to be ad-free but how true is that? Brendan Eich, the former CEO of Mozilla, and also the inventor of JavaScript has unleashed his new brainchild on the internet; an ad-free web browser that automatically blocks tracking cookies, and promises a faster,... Read more
Apple Owners Rejoice: iOS 9 Is Here
Ah, update time, that time of year when you look at your device and you know that there could be a better way, but yet you hesitate. Is it really better? What if I can’t find my files? What if I don’t like how the screen looks? What if... Read more
New Software Keeps Your Android Battery Going
Researchers at Perdue University have created a new software called HUSH that helps extend the life of Android devices by preventing battery drain caused by apps. How big is this problem? Researchers found that almost fifty percent of the device’s battery drain was caused by apps running in the... Read more
Wondershare’s Dr.Fone For iOS Is Ready For iOS9 – Claim Your $10 Off Now!
Wondershare is currently offering $10 off their flagship iOS data recovery software, Dr.Fone for iOS, exclusively to FileHippo users, for both Windows and Mac versions. All buyers have to do is enter the special promo code WS2015 when prompted, in order to receive this special offer.    Anyone who... Read more
Microsoft Launches ‘Send’ A Lightweight Email App for iPhone
If you haven’t heard yet, Microsoft has just debuted a new (crazy simple) email app called Send. The company is describing Send as an “in-and-out” email solution that focuses on brevity and simplicity. In truth, it looks more like another messaging app than your typical email app. “Send gives... Read more
Dropbox Releases Refreshing New Android App
This week, Dropbox released a refreshing new version of its Android app. The all new Dropbox 3.0 can be downloaded from Google Play. If you don’t see it in your Play store yet, don’t worry, the company said it’s “rolling out over the next few days.” The app has... Read more
BlueStacks App Player Takes Your Mobile Apps To Your PC
Are you a Candy Crushaholic? Can’t get enough of Ruzzle Adventure or Farm Heroes Saga? Join the club. But are you also tired of draining your battery or trying to activate the controls on the tiny touchscreen? Then you’d probably like to play those same addictive games (or use... Read more
New Features Available For iPhone Data Recovery
With the proliferation of smartphones–particularly those wonderful little devices by a certain company named Apple–it seems that more and more people are relying on their smaller mobile devices for daily use than ever before. But data isn’t relegated just to selfie-taking teens or Facebooking grannies; serious users have come... Read more
Top eReading Apps For Your Mobile Device
As if smartphones weren’t already smart enough, one of the best things about them is the ability to find a great book to read while you’re waiting in line, taking the train home from work, or otherwise just passing the time. But before you think you’re stuck with just... Read more
Not Just Another Candy Crush Knock Off
Out of lives on Candy Crush? Tired of begging your ever-shrinking Facebook friends list for lives (shrinking because you keep sending game requests instead of posting cat videos)? Then take a look at these other great app-based games, all built around the concept of the match-three puzzle without being... Read more
Facebook Launches Apps For Messenger & Business Features
Facebook has launched the next step on Messenger, its second largest messaging service behind WhatsApp. Instead of merging the two apps, Facebook intends to make Messenger a platform for more than just text chat. It has launched Messenger Platform, allowing third-party developers to create apps to run over-the-top of... Read more
App Review: Citymapper Travel And Transit App For iOS
When an app has won this many awards–the Apple 2013 and 2014 App of the Year and Editor’s Choice awards, MTA New York City App Quest Grand Prize, the Best Overall Mobile App 2014 by Mobile World Congress, the Design of the Year 2014 by London Design Museum, Essential... Read more