Apple iOS users received a new Skype app update on Wednesday which brings with it the ability to more easily merge Skype accounts with a users other Microsoft account information. The update is meant to help users jump away from Windows Live Messenger before the application is permanently discontinued.

Microsoft recently announced that it would phase out Windows Live Messenger while allowing legacy messaging system users to move all of their Live Messenger information to Skype.

After spending $8.5 billion to acquire Skype Microsoft has finally decided to integrate the system so Hotmail and users can easily add their contacts to their Skype account.

Skype iOS Update


Higher use rights for Skype means more money for Microsoft. The Skype platform is setup to charge customers who want to make international phone calls at lowered rates.

To update a Microsoft based account to Skype iOS users simply choose the merge option and then sign in with their Microsoft credentials. Once the merging process begins a users history and contacts are imported into the Skype platform.

To enjoy the update, users can sign into Skype with their Microsoft account and all the information, including history and contacts, will immediately be merged with their Skype account.

Skype iOS Update

Merging Microsoft accounts isn’t the only new feature found on the Skype iOS update, users also now have the ability to edit individual messages by tapping and holding down on the message.

The Skype update also brings with it Emojicons that provide both animated and stagnant emoticons for mobile use. The emoticons are used within IMs on Retina-based devices.

Skype also provides several bug fixes with its news mobile app update, although the company has failed to disclose what those bug fixes involved.

Will you be importing your old Windows Live Messenger contact details into your Skype account?


[Image via Cult Of Mac & thetechblock]