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Skype Translator Now Supports 7 Languages
Microsoft promised that Skype would soon deliver a real time translation service. Now it has. The downside? It’s only available in Windows, for now anyway. Yes, that’s right. Skype Translator has been officially released to the public.  Users of Skype on Windows can now hold voice-to-voice conversations with another... Read more
Skype Outage Causes International Outrage
Skype suffers worst outage in its history: Problem first discovered in UK, soon spread globally affecting millions of users worldwide: “Skype for Business” was unaffected. “#Skypefall” trends on Twitter within 2 hours What happens when the world’s preeminent video call service breaks down? Everyone logs into Twitter and complains... Read more
Skype Receives Real-Time Translator
Microsoft has removed its Skype Translator preview out of closed beta and made the software available to anyone running Windows 8.1 or the Windows 10 Technical Preview. No sign-up is necessary. The announcement regarding the released update was posted on Microsoft’s Skype blog last week. Skype Translator currently comes... Read more
Skype For Business Is Good For Business
Microsoft made the announcement recently that they’ve made the leap from the original Lync program (which actually used to be called the Star Trekish Microsoft Office Communicator) to Skype for Business; a separate interface from the widely-used Skype application that intends to make business calls and messaging even better than... Read more
Malicious Ads In Skype – Here’s What To Look For
As if the folks at Skype weren’t already busy enough with their April 14th launch of Skype for Business Online (which has replaced Microsoft’s Lync, which replaced Microsoft Office Communicator), their recent update to personal Skype accounts incorporated a few changes. Back in January, some Skype users reported a... Read more
MegaChat Encrypted Service Launched
Kim Dotcom, the Internet entrepreneur, has just announced the release of an encrypted chat service, called MegaChat. The service is to compete with the widely used and Microsoft-owned, Skype. The new features will be rolled out gradually, with the initial services starting off with video-calling, Dotcom said. This news has... Read more
AI Experts Sign Agreement To Protect Mankind From The Rise Of The Machines
You have seen the Terminator films, right? Mankind creates SkyNet, the highly advanced AI. As soon as it becomes self-aware, it sees humanity as a threat to its existence and then decides to trigger a nuclear holocaust and deploy an army of Terminator machines against humanity. Although this is science fiction, and I personally believe... Read more
Kim Dotcom Working On Encrypted Messaging Service, Named MegaChat
Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has announced his team at Mega is working on an encrypted messaging service, named MegaChat, to apparently kill Skype. Kim wrote on Twitter: “Mega will soon release a fully encrypted and browser based video call & chat service including high-speed file transfers. Bye bye Skype... Read more
WhatsApp Potentially Coming to Desktop
WhatsApp is available on almost every mobile platform, including discontinued platforms like Symbian and Nokia Series 40, but has never developed a web client. New reports say WhatsApp will finally come to the desktop, after five years of availability. The new web client will use OAuth, sending a message... Read more
Skype Can Now Translate Video Calls!
When you actually stop and think about it for a moment, a service like Skype is pretty amazing. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, Skype allows you to share a video call with any other user. We’ve used it for so long we’ve probably gotten a... Read more
Pre-Mobile Tech Companies Re-Inventing Their Core Apps for Mobile
The mobile world is becoming vastly different from desktop, with several pre-mobile companies redeveloping their core apps around mobile and tablet, to offer a new experience. This all started with Facebook Paper a few months ago. Rumored to be the new RSS feed, Facebook Paper actually offers more than... Read more
MSN Messenger Being Retired in October
Whatever name you know it by, Windows Live Messenger, or its former name, MSN Messenger, you should know it’s closing up shop on October 31st of this year. If you remember back about 15 years ago, it was MSN Messenger and AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) that always seemed to... Read more
Bittorrent To Provide NSA Proof Online Calls & Messaging Software
BitTorrent has recently announced a preliminary, test version of BitTorrent Bleep.  This software will enable people to make voice calls and send messages over the Internet without using a central server to direct traffic.  The system instead works by users finding one another through groups of other users.  There... Read more
The Best Free Skype Alternatives
Whether you have long-distance family and friends to keep in touch with, conference calls to make or you just want to keep costs down, Skype is often the go-to app for making free calls and sending messages but what if you don’t want to use Skype? Well we’ve put... Read more
How To Share Your Screen With Skype
Have you ever wanted to show a friend, whom you are talking to over the Internet, something on your computer, but just don’t know how? Skype has a great feature that allows you to share your screen on your Windows desktop. Screen sharing lets you share your computer screen... Read more
The Latest Version Of Skype is Now Available
Skype is the world’s most popular free VOIP and instant messaging service. It allows users to text, video and voice call over the Internet. Users can also call landlines and mobiles at competitive rates using Skype credit, premium accounts and subscriptions. Skype’s UI is intuitive and very easy to... Read more
Skype Launches New Design For iPhone
Microsoft have just announced earlier this week, that it was very close to releasing a new version of its video calling app Skype for iPhone; sporting a new streamlined design coupled with improved performance. As expected we didn’t have to wait too long.  The new Skype 5.0 for iPhone app is currently rolling... Read more
Microsoft’s Skype Translator Allows Cross-Lingual Conversations in Real Time
If you’re a sci-fi fan, then you’ve probably been waiting for the day when a Universal Translator, like that of Star Trek’s, is made – and becomes available to the public. While we won’t probably be facing the need to speak to Klingons, Vulcans, and other species from space... Read more