How many mobile phones and tablets do you have at home? If your household is into gadgets – and what household isn’t these days? – then the chances are that you have at least one Apple device and one Samsung device. This is perfect especially for those who work in the tech scene, as you can test different apps and accessories with what you have at home. One problem, however, is the tendency to add clutter due to the need for different chargers, plugs, cables, and docks.

One Dock

One Dock iPhone

That’s where ONE{DOCK} comes into the picture. It is a dock that is compatible with both Apple and Samsung devices. It’s got the perfect name as well, and one can’t help but make a reference to The Lord of the Rings.

The ONE{DOCK} is indeed the one dock that you need for your devices at home. Made from aluminum – as opposed to cheap plastic – this dock is highly configurable to suit whichever device you need to insert. Aside from merely charging, you can also use one dock for high quality audio or HD video-out connection.

In addition to the concept of only having one dock for your devices, the ONE{DOCK} also is future proof. Remember the brouhaha about Apple’s changing the connector on the iPhone 5? That shouldn’t be an issue if you have this dock. The ONE{DOCK} has capabilities of being compatible with the standard 30-pin connector or the new Lightning connector.

One Dock

One Dock S3

No doubt about it, this concept is a brilliant one which many consumers will put to good use. The question is whether or not it will fly in terms of cost. As with all Kickstarter projects, backers are the foundation of success. For as low as $20 you can chip in, but you won’t get the product unless you give a little more.

The ONE{DOCK} is a Kickstarter project led by Jamie Wehbeh of North Sydney, Australia. He aims to raise $90,000 by December 20, 2012. So far, he has raised a mere $2,000++, so if you want all the benefits that the ONE{DOCK} can give you, why not give him a helping hand?

[Images via Kickstarter]