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Your Old Samsung Galaxy Is On Its Way Out
Due to inexplicable and spontaneous bursting into flames, Samsung has had to take drastic and expensive steps with its Galaxy Note 7 to ensure that no one is injured, no buildings are burned down, no airplanes fall from the sky…you get the picture. A few airlines have already banned... Read more
Australian airlines ban Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on all flights
Qantas, JetStar, and Virgin Australia take step to snuff out risk of on-board fires The 3 airlines all cite the smartphone’s potential fire risk as the reason for the ban, which came into effect on Sunday night.   It’s more bad news for Samsung which is currently in the... Read more
More Airlines To Carry Fire Containment Bags For Overheating Devices
Perhaps unsurprisingly, more airlines have announced their intentions to begin carrying ‘Fire Containment’ bags for overheating mobile devices that may be in danger of spontaneously combusting, as standard. The extra security step is being taken to prevent a possible disaster in the event any passenger device with a lithium... Read more
Samsung Updating Note 7 Whether You Like It Or Not
When it comes to product recalls, consumer response can be sluggish. Take the low turnout in Seoul recently, in which only a small percentage of Samsung Note 7 users showed up to exchange their smartphones (aka, “fire starter”). But Samsung owners in one regional market are either going to... Read more
Red Hat – Software Partnership Shakes Up Mobile Software Market
How’s a company supposed to keep expanding when they’re already king of the Linux server mountain? Develop a new mobile software stack, Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP), and partner up with the world’s leading Android smartphone vendor, Samsung. Red Hat doesn’t intend to become just another Android app... Read more
Samsung and SRI Team Up To Manufacture Iris Recognition Devices
Security is an ever increasing issue amongst today’s data-centric world. Everyone needs some form of security in order to keep their personal details safe. There are innumerable password generators, password managers, biometric fingerprint scanners and other security devices such as these. You may, like me, own an iPhone that... Read more
Samsung Rumoured to Acquire AMD?
The latest Samsung rumour to hit the mill is that they are more than interested in acquiring AMD. If the rumour does turn out to be true, then any Samsung smartphones and tablets that are released in the future could possibly receive a massive boost in graphics. Can you imagine... Read more
Father Remotely Views Birth Of His Son With Samsung Gear VR
Three weeks ago, my wife gave birth to our first born son. I was there throughout the whole process and I wouldn’t have missed it for anything. But what if I couldn’t have been there? What if I couldn’t have witnessed the miracle of my son being born? I... Read more
Samsung Announce ‘Charge The Life’ Animal Battery Packs
As I have mentioned one or two times in the past, it is really irritating when your battery runs out on your device. You may have had one of those super hectic days where all you seem to be doing is staring at a screen. The result of which... Read more
UK Schoolchildren To Receive A Free Computer
In order to address a future skills shortage, the BBC is taking part in an initiative to give away a million free computers to students that are starting secondary school. Reports state that a skills shortage of some 1.4 million will occur over the next five years. The UK-wide Make... Read more
HTC One M9 vs Samsung Galaxy S6: Specs Comparison
The two big smartphone announcements at Mobile World Congress were the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9, both new flagships for the two companies. Even though it is an uphill swing for both companies, currently facing a drop in sales throughout 2014, both devices look to be contenders... Read more
Samsung Pay Coming Soon to Rival Apple Pay
In a direct challenge to Google and Apple, Samsung are to launch the Samsung Pay mobile payments system. On Sunday, the world’s biggest maker of Android phones started a major campaign to challenge Apple Pay and Google Wallet. The electronics firm said it will not be long before they... Read more
Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Announced At MWC 2015
Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge at Mobile World Congress, the two new flagship smartphones for 2015 to propel the South Korean-company back into the mobile race. The Galaxy S6 represents a new vision by Samsung, one aligned with Apple and HTC on design and... Read more
Samsung Trimming Down Bloatware On Galaxy S6
Samsung is serious about convincing users the Galaxy S6 is the best smartphone, according to a new report from Sam Mobile, the South Korean electronics giant has removed almost all of its bloatware from the TouchWiz UI. It follows previous reports on “Project Zero”, Samsung’s internal project to start from scratch... Read more
Samsung Starts Mass Production of EPOP Memory
The South Korean electronics giant, Samsung, have recently announced they have gone into mass production of the industry’s very first ePoP memory for smartphones. ePoP stands for embedded package on package. The memory module is a single memory package, which has 3GB LPDDR3 DRAM, a 32GB eMMC (Embedded Multi-Media... Read more
Qantas To Offer Gear VR On International Flights
If you plan to fly between Australia and the US with Qantas and you are lucky enough to be able to afford a first class ticket, then you are in for a real treat. Qantas has announced that any first-class passengers, who fly on that route, will soon be... Read more
Samsung Press Invites For MWC 2015, Galaxy S6 Incoming
Samsung has sent out press invites for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 1st. Even though Samsung had a quiet CES 2015 in January, it is reportedly preparing to launch the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy Edge S at MWC to make up for it. Samsung faced a... Read more
Samsung Z1 Receiving Cold Shoulder From Indian Market
Samsung launched its first Tizen OS smartphone earlier this month, starting in India for 5700 INR ($92), however early uptake on the Samsung Z1 is low in the country. Reuters claims the lackluster amount of sales in the region is due to several key factors, including the brand new... Read more