Nintendo just launched the new Wii U with the same goal as its predecessor: to appeal to everyone from 9 to 90.  Sales have fallen for game consoles, mainly because everyone who wants one already has it.  They can also play their favorite games on their iPhone, tablet or laptop, so a game console is no longer the must-have item that it once was.

What’s Up With the Nintendo Wii U?


A Brand New World

Experts don’t expect the Wii U to see the kind of sales as the original, even though it should do well over the holiday season.  The console is still affordable at $300 and provides many new features, such as the option to play without a TV.  Instead, you can use the GamePad just like you would a tablet.  The pad also works as a remote control to work with TVii, a feature that will be available in December.

What’s Up With the Nintendo Wii U?

The Competitor

No, it’s not Xbox, PlayStation, or any other game console that will be the main competition for the new Wii U.  It will be Apple and its iPad Mini.  At a similar price point, families may not want to shell out money for both items.  Then, you have the new Kindle, along with many other tech objects to compete for buyers’ attentions.

At the same time, Nintendo is leading a new revolution.  Both Sony and Microsoft plan to release a new version of their consoles in 2013.  All three companies will have to prove they have what it takes to compete in today’s market.  It is expected that the console will sell out over the holidays, but many experts say that the sales will not be as strong in the long term as the original Wii.  On the other hand, if the dual screen idea is popular, it may give the Wii and game consoles a new life.


[Images via gamestop & gamedynamo]