As often happens with any new technology, the business world was slow to embrace the idea of cloud storage. The concerns of security and not having the backup on site worried many business owners as they felt a loss of control with the data. All of that is changing now as small and medium-sized businesses are seeing the benefits of storing their information off-site.

Why Small Businesses Are Embracing Cloud Storage

 Cost Savings

One of the most attractive features for cloud storage is how much money small businesses can save, both initially and for long-term. If businesses want on-site storage, they have to purchase the hardware and software, which can be expensive. Then they need to hire an IT person and possibly an entire department to manage the system and update it when needed.

With cloud storage, the host company handles all of that for thousands of businesses and divides the cost among everyone. This makes it more affordable for a new start-up company to have the newest and best storage options for a fraction of the cost of an on-site system.

Better Backup for Local Disasters

Because the data is stored off-site, it is protected if your area has a natural disaster. Even if you aren’t able to get online for a few days to access it, the information is still there. If the problem is only in your office or business, you can go somewhere else and use your laptop to access important files or data. This can keep a business operating even under adverse conditions.

This doesn’t mean you should forget about keeping your own backup. Most companies would recommend that you maintain your own backup as well as the protection that cloud storage offers.

More Access

Employees no longer have to be on-site connected to a local network to access the company information. This allows you to hire employees from anywhere or even contract work outside of the company and give them only the access they need.

Cloud storage has leveled the playing field for small businesses to compete with big companies because they do not need to spend thousands of dollars on the latest technology and applications to create the best system. In fact, many businesses say it benefits the small companies even more than it does the big organizations.

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