Earlier this year, the Twitter’s numbers were already impressive, with 140 million active users sending 340 million tweets every single day. Come to think of it, how many tweets do you send every day? How many tweets have you sent since you signed up? You may or may not want to know those stats, but just in case, here’s a fun site to get all that data: TweetStats.



As much fun as looking at your Twitter-related data can be, that is nothing compared to actually being able to see what you have tweeted over the years. Unlike Facebook, where you can at least scroll through your Timeline to realize how much of a drama queen (or king) you have been, taking a look at ALL your tweets is totally impractical. Unless you like scrolling endlessly.

The good news is that we just might be able to download all our tweets before the end of 2012. If the world does not end before then.

This news comes straight from the horse’s mouth, or Twitter CEO Dick Costelo in this case. In a talk he delivered at Ford School of Public Policy and School of Information at the University of Michigan, Costelo says that the downloadable archive of tweets should be available before the year ends.

This is not a novel announcement, as we have heard it before. As such, if you think about it, we should not be disappointed if the promise does not come to fruition.

As a matter of fact, Twitter engineers who have to do the actual work are supposed to be unhappy at such announcements. Costelo himself said that the engineers “can keep being mad” at him (Source) for making such promises. He also said that “we’ll see where we end up year-end”.

That doesn’t sound promising at all to me!

Dick Costolo’s Talk

Going further, Costolo’s talk actually contains nuggets of interesting information. If you have some free time, and you want to hear Dick Costolo talk about the power of Twitter as a communication tool, here’s the video.

You can also see the transcript here.

[Image via Wired for Technology]