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Key steps for a healthier Twitter revealed
Leading figures at one of the world’s biggest social media platforms have revealed plans to make it safer. A healthier Twitter has been promised, with key steps outlined. This comes following a blog post written by Twitter vice president Donald Hicks and senior director David Gasca. The pair, co-writing... Read more
Latest ‘Tim Apple’ twist as Donald Trump takes to Twitter to explain
It’s the ‘mistake’ everybody has been talking about so far this month. Plus, it seems, the story that keeps on giving… So, during an advisory meeting at the White House, US President Donald Trump appeared to call Apple CEO, Tim Cook, “Tim Apple”. Mr Cook, whose name appeared on... Read more
Trump Dumps Twitter From Tech Meeting Over Emoji
Donald Trump isn’t even officially the President yet, but he’s already affecting the economic statuses of major corporations through his late-night social media criticism. Both Boeing and Lockheed Martin suffered stock dips after critical rants from the PEOTUS, but the most Twitter-addicted politician in history took aim at Twitter... Read more
Twitter Suspends Alt-Right Accounts…And Its CEO
You gotta love the foibles and missteps that go along with any tech company, but this one is near the top of the list for ironic–and hopefully laughter-inducing–mistakes. Twitter has been on a rampage suspending accounts that now violate its “play nice” rules, and according to TechCrunch, its own... Read more
The End Of The Vine…
Well that’s that then, it’s official, Twitter is Vinally ending its popular video looping app, Vine. It was the Vinest of time, it was the worst of times… Vine, which Twitter,  the social media company bought for a guesstimated $30 million in 2012 that plays 6 second loops in... Read more
Web Giants Vow To Tackle Hate Speech In Social Media
Several of the web’s big players have released the news that they intend to deal with and remove hate speech posted online within 24 hours of it going live. The move supports a new code-of-conduct intended to limit the dissemination of online abuse via social media. The code was... Read more
Microsoft Terminates Tay AI Chatbot After Tweets About Hitler
No, really, it did….Tay is an AI chat bot developed by Microsoft with the aim of interacting with the millennial 18-24 age group. It’s developers quickly learned however that social media and open access to the internet might not have been the best learning environment for its creation. Within... Read more
Twitter Update Leads To Shutdown
You just don’t know how important something is until it’s gone… at least that’s the sentiment from a number of Twitter users who experienced the third shutdown of the social media site in a week’s time. The widely popular site has become such a mainstay of 21st century social... Read more
Yahoo To Warn Users Who Are Targeted By State-Sponsored Hackers
Yahoo is to begin warning users if they become the  targets of state-sponsored hackers. The company has become the latest Tech firm, behind Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others to warn users of state attacks. “We’ll provide these specific notifications so that our users can take appropriate measures to protect their... Read more
Martin Shkreli Twitter Account Hacked?
Everybody’s favorite hedge fund whipping boy just keeps taking his punches. The internet collectively celebrated last week with the news that Martin Shkreli had been arrested for some financial shenanigans, a fitting outcome to one of the most hated men of 2015. After the self-proclaimed “pharma bro” (make that... Read more
Win A Surface Pro 3 Courtesy Of Opera And
Opera and have teamed up together to give you an exclusive chance to win 1 of 3 Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s. No gimmicks, no catches, just Opera, and Surface Pro. This is the best prize we’ve ever given away! I mean, who wouldn’t want a chance to use... Read more
Windows 10 Installed 75 Million Times In First Month: Microsoft Quite Pleased With Themselves
Microsoft has revealed that Windows 10 has been installed on more than 75 million devices in the first month of its release. The news caused jubilation in the company, and  several Microsoft executives have allegedly sustained serious “High Five” related wounds, according to anonymous sources in Emergency Rooms across the... Read more
Twitter’s New Security Update
Twitter recently rolled out it’s data dashboard to all users, but the company has taken this action a step further and shared some new updates as well. Available via the Web, the service will tell users about their account activation details, what devices have accessed those profiles, and recent... Read more
Twitter For Sale? Stock Shoots Up After Buyout Rumors
Twitter is up for sale, at least, that is what investors seem to think. The stock shot up after rumors of an apparent buyoff loomed, Barron’s reported. Twitter has brought in Goldman Sachs to fight off the two suitors, which may include Google, Facebook and Yahoo—all interested in owning... Read more
Meerkat And The Race To Show Users Live Streaming Social Media
I saw a new app featured in the App Store this morning and I rolled my eyes, thinking to myself, “Does the internet really need another social media platform?” And the answer is yes. Meerkat–and its hot on the heels competitor Periscope, bought in January by Twitter–allows users to... Read more
Jay Z Relaunches Tidal Streaming Service
Jay Z’s recently acquired music streaming service Tidal is kickstarting its first major campaign, #TidalForAll. The campaign is focused on artists changing their profile and background image to a turquoise color. “The Tides They Are-A Changing” #TIDALforALL — Mr. Carter (@S_C_) March 30, 2015 Several prominent artists including Beyonce,... Read more
Twitter Trials Abuse Blocking Filter
Internet trolls are everywhere and occasionally you may come across some, if you offend them with your opinion. Trolling is becoming more and more prevalent on social media sites such as  Facebook and Twitter. Thankfully the social networks that we all use and love are not blind to the... Read more
Twitter Launches Vine for Kids
Micro blogging site Twitter, has just launched a new version of their Vine video-sharing app. This time it is aimed squarely at children. The Vine Kids app promises to filter out any inappropriate content. Vine Kids has initially launched for iOS  and it will provide a feed of “hand-selected”... Read more