Indie games are often cult followings that never get the attention of their $100 million counterparts.  However, Minecraft may change that.  As the most popular indie game of all time, this game doesn’t look flashy and can even appear underwhelming.  But it has created a loyal following with its fans.

Players can play in single mode or multi-player as either survival or creative.  When players choose survival, they have to build a shelter and find sustenance to stay alive.  However, they are invincible when they choose creative mode and build unique objects.

The game has been compared to a mass Lego game with numerous combinations of things that can be built.  So instead of focuses on lavish graphics and special effects, Minecraft allows users to utilize their creativity in a way not seen in a lot of games.

The game was first released in 2009 and now has 40 million registered players.  It was designed by Markus Persson, along with designers and artists.  Minecraft has become a major hit, proving that games can be made with very little money for development and production and that flashy scenes are no replacement for creative game play.

Several factors make this indie game a big hit.  For one thing, it is fun for veterans and newbies alike.  Whether you are building your first project or your hundredth, it still offers a challenge and excitement.  The multi-player mode adds another element of entertainment.  Not only is it for every level of gamer, it is also for every age.  Regardless of whether you are six or sixty, you can enjoy creating new and unique designs.

Survival mode also has plenty to entertain gamers.  You can set the level of difficulty from easy all the way to hardcore where you have to build a new shelter every day before the monsters come out at night.

Minecraft is a major hit in the gaming world; it doesn’t hurt that it also brings new attention to indie games, proving anyone can create a winning game.

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