It looks like it may be some time before Apple is able to move its headquarters to Steve Jobs’ spaceship campus. The project has run into a dead-end for now and it seems unlikely that the company would be able to get any work done on it before 2014. This means the project would suffer a delay of just over a year from the planned completion. Apple had planned to shift base to the spaceship campus in 2015 but now they have had to push the date back to 2016.

Steve Jobs’ Spaceship Offices Pushed Back to 2016


The issue which has caused the project to be delayed is in no way related to Apple. In fact, it is the city of Cupertino which has thrown a spanner in the works. Before allowing the construction to start, the city has to submit a report on the environmental impact of the spaceship campus. However, it might be the June of next year before the report is completed.

Apple had compiled a report of its own detailing each and every aspect of the project. The campus is to span over 176 acres, the plans for which have been submitted to the city a week or so ago. Cupertino’s city manager, David Brandt remained somewhat optimistic that the tech giant might be able to start working on the project late next year. At the same time, he admitted that the project was running behind schedule.

This means that Apple would have to change the proposed date for moving to the new building which was previously 2015. In an interesting development, the city of Cupertino plans to go ahead with publishing the plans for the construction of the spaceship campus online after the Thanksgiving holidays. Apple has reportedly made changes to this plan from the original blueprint it provided.

Given the fact that Apple would likely use the spaceship campus as its base for the next few years to come, they are going to leave no stone unturned to make sure everything goes according to plan. The company has been on a bumper run over the past few years and their sales are showing no signs of stopping. With the stock prices recovering, this could have been a very good week for Apple but now the hurdle to the development of their new HQ might leave a bitter taste in its mouth.

Still, the project has only been delayed by a year something which can be expected on something of this scale.


[Image via princesscakenikki]