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These Photoshop Fails Prove The Editors Weren’t Even Trying
It never ceases to amaze me just how dumb some people think we are. I mean, it’s one thing to post a picture of yourself with a famous actress kissing your cheek, it’s something else entirely to basically use Paint to cut around her picture and glue her in... Read more
These Pics Prove That High Fashion And Gravity Don’t Mix
There’s no more glamorous venue than a fashion show that puts the world’s top designers on display. Celebrities come to be seen, corporate buyers come to scrutinize, and the most well-known names in the world of fashion mix and mingle while showing off their artistic genius. Unfortunately, that genius... Read more
Hilariously Bad Prom Pics That Are Memorialized Forever
Prom is supposed to be a meaningful night of fun and remembrance before you head out into the big, bad world alone. Instead, these people proved that prom is also something to be endured and memorialized with photographic evidence. Hopefully, that evidence will get destroyed and the negatives won’t... Read more
These Beach Pics Will Have You Running From The Water!
It’s that time of year when the waves, the sun, and everything else about the beach start calling my name. But inevitably, one of two things happens: either I plan my trip for what turns out to be the rainiest week on record, or my entire trip is ruined... Read more
Hilarious Yearbook Quotes Show Who The Real Brainy Kids Are
Ah, high school. Most adults (those who came through it, scathed or unscathed) make the mistake of telling young people that these are the best years of their lives. WRONG. No one who has to eat cafeteria beefaroni served by a woman in a hairnet and disposable plastic apron... Read more
There Are Just Some Places That Google Won’t Let You See
It’s a lot of fun to take a poke around Google maps and look at the street view. Whether you’re checking out your ex-girlfriend’s house or nosing around to see what your old fraternity managed to do with all that money they got in the fundraising drive, it’s pretty... Read more
These Statues Will Make You Question Art
An incredible sculpture is a sign of Man’s genius and his ability to bring beauty to the world around him. They’re often true marvels of artistic vision and talent, and in many cases, some of them are even technological gifts from genuine creative geniuses. Then there’s these statues. The... Read more
Hilarious Pics That Prove Sports And Comedy Go Together
The internet is a veritable cesspool of scary photos, offensive images, and otherwise crazy documented events. But these images prove that there are some truly astounding WTF moments in every kind of sport. Bowling cheerleaders Image 1 of 8 This isn't even a thing! Why is there a cheerleader... Read more
When People Love Their Pets A Little Too Much
Who would have ever imagined that there’s such a thing as loving your pet TOO much? After all, our animal companions are a very real part of our lives, and they contribute to our happiness in ways that make the world just seem brighter. But these images prove that... Read more
Who Needs Photoshop? These Pics Prove Timing Is Everything!
In the day of Photoshop–not to point fingers and even suggest that the graphic artists who manipulate digital images into stunning pictures are not artists–it’s easy to forget that once upon a time, you had to have a good camera, a great eye for visuals, and a serious amount... Read more
12 Employees Who Got Fired For Social Media Hating
It’s perfectly fine to hate your job. You can hate your boss, too. You can even cry a little on the inside every time you pull into the parking lot to go to work. But what’s not okay is posting evidence of your hatred of employment on social media,... Read more
These Hilarious Parents Shame Their Kids On Facebook
Forget spiders and clowns and dark alleys and the number thirteen…nothing strikes fear in a young person’s heart more than that thought that their parents will embarrass them publicly. When you factor in social media, the potential for embarrassment shoots to galactic levels. Here are just a few times... Read more
Six Jobs That Are Cooler Than Working In IT
As much as people like to let off a little steam by complaining about their jobs, at the end of the day we’re probably all really glad we even have one. But just to make you start questioning your life choices and doubting your own happiness, here is a... Read more
The Weirdest Things You Can Buy On Amazon!
Amazon has been dubbed the “evil empire” for its killer instincts when it comes to not only selling you stuff, but doing it better, faster, and cheaper than the other guys. From its humble beginnings as a sweet little online bookshop, Jeff Bezos & Friends has grown into a... Read more
Download Halo: Spartan Strike And Blow Stuff Up
Got a gaming itch you just can’t scratch because Halo: Guardians doesn’t launch until the holidays? Never fear! Microsoft released an installment in the franchise, Halo: Spartan Strike, and it’s sure to satisfy your explosive good-guys-vs-ugly-aliens urges. Releasing for PC, Steam, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 8 phones/devices, players can... Read more
Just How Handy Is Amazon’s Echo?
I know what you’re thinking…how useful is this little gadget? It’s basically just another voice-activated doohickey to clutter up your bookshelf and therefore your life, right? Not so fast. Echo not only comes with built-in functionalities that are intended to make life easier for the user, but also comes... Read more
Crazy Kickstarters That Will Have You Going For Your Wallet
You only thought our lives couldn’t get any better with the invention of the self-driving car, the tablet computer, and a phone more powerful than the computers your high school had for typing and business classes. Just to prove that there are no limits to the innovation Man is... Read more
15 Images You Just Can’t Unsee
It’s sad when a normal human being can’t even use the internet to conduct random, pointless searches for terms like “cat butt tattoo” without being bombarded with images that no amount of therapy will ever erase from our brains. You’ve been warned, this gallery contains images that no camera... Read more