The year’s top stories have been an interesting mix of innovation and legal representation.  Here is a look back at what the year has brought us.

Microsoft Windows 8

A major departure from previous versions, the new Windows 8 created a big stir even before its release.  Once it was available to the public, there has been a love/hate relationship with people feeling strongly one way or the other towards the new system. It was also the first attempt at a touchscreen system for Microsoft, a demonstration that the company understands today’s users.

The Public Offering of Facebook

This was a highly anticipated event for the company and investors, but it failed to live up to its potential during its debut in May.  Trading continued to stay below the IPO price of $38.  However, that has not prevented the company from growing as Facebook also announced it had reached the 1 billion user mark.

Top Tech Stories of 2012

Project Glass

While rumors have been promoted for some time about Project Glass, it wasn’t until April of 2012 that Google unveiled the project and confirmed the rumors.  With this technology, people can see messages, chats, and more right in line of eyesight.

The New iPhone 5

Any new Apple product makes news in a big way, and this was no different for the new iPhone 5.  The biggest change for many users was in the larger display from 3.5 inches to a four-inch screen.  It also broke its own sales record with over 5 million phones sold the first weekend.

Apple Maps

Not all Apple news was good news.  The company took major heat for dropping Google Maps in favor of its own application that failed.  It directed people to the wrong location and incorrectly listed landmarks.  It even sent a few people in Australia out into the desert.  Apple finally decided to go back with Google until it can fix the application.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft finally decided to enter the tablet market with its first model.  Instead of working only with software, the company is now designing its own hardware, to better allow it to compete with big names like Apple and Google.

Top Tech Stories of 2012

Apple vs. Samsung

In a battle that has continued for months, Apple won the patent dispute against Samsung for stealing its innovations for certain tablet and smartphone features.  The case is currently on appeal.

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