Since the launch of Windows 8, word around the block has been the new OS is not getting the warm reception Microsoft expected. There have been numerous reports regarding slow user adoption and a lackluster performance as compared to Windows 7’s launch. This is not the case according to Windows’ Chief Tami Reller. Speaking at a technology conference, Reller confidently stated that the company had sold 40 million licenses of Windows 8 so far.

Windows 8 Outpacing Windows 7 Sales

If Reller is to be believed, Windows 8 is outpacing Windows 7 comfortably. Back when it was launched, it took 10 weeks for Windows 7 to sell 60 million copies. Going by average, that would mean 6 million licenses per week, which would mean 40 million would have taken around seven weeks or close to two months. At this rate, it is clear to see that Windows 8 is selling faster than Windows 7. Why then was the buzz negative?

Windows 8 Now Selling Faster Than Windows 7 - But Who’s Buying?


It is a pertinent question to ask the people at Microsoft. Almost all major new outlets have reported that Windows 8 is slow out of the blocks and users have not responded enthusiastically to it. Despite the hype created by Microsoft and the rampant advertising, one cannot help but notice that the sales of Windows 8 have been anything but spectacular. If the Windows chief is saying it, it makes people want to believe it.

Who’s Buying The Licenses?

The fact behind the mystery is that selling 40 million licenses doesn’t mean Windows 8 has 40 million users. Tami Reller conveniently ignored to clarify the details regarding who had purchased the licenses thus far. According to industry insiders, even if the figure is accurate, most of the licenses have been sold to hardware partners who are helping Microsoft provide Windows 8 to customers. They include companies such as Dell, HP and Lenovo.

It is the responsibility of the partners to deliver the product to the final consumer. Till then, the copies of Windows 8 will be lying on shelves gathering dust. So, what Ms. Reller really meant was that 40 million licenses have been sold thus far but not all of them to users. It is anybody’s guess how many people are actually using the new Windows.

Windows 8 Prices Set to Rise

Another reason why Microsoft has been able to ship so many copies of Windows 8 is because of the low price. Microsoft offered users the option to upgrade their operating system for a mere $40, a price which the company has never offered before. Many users jumped at the opportunity to get their hands on the new OS even though they had no idea how it was. However, the honeymoon period will end in February when the prices will rise. That would be the litmus test for the true success of Windows 8.

As of now, people can only speculate as to the number of people who are using Windows 8. It may be some time before a clearer picture emerges.


[Image via wired]