Have you ever wished your phone had a screen at the back as well? I guess for some people, a 3.5-inch screen just does not give enough real estate. Or maybe, you have decision-making issues, so much so that you can’t decide which side of your phone to look at. That may be pushing it too far, but just in case you do have issues with having a display on only one side of your phone, there is a product that provides a solution: the YotaPhone.

The YotaPhone is an Android-based mobile phone which gives you two displays – front and back.

The front boasts a high res display, while the back has electronic paper display, or EPD. The LCD display in front is 4.3 inches and serves as the main phone, running on Android (4.2 Jellybean). That’s not such a bad size and Jellybean does satisfy Android users.  The screen res: 1280×720.

As for the EPD, it is also 4.3 inches, obviously. It works much in the same way as the Kindle screen does. This means that that side of the YotaPhone will not be gobbling up electric juice unless the image on the screen changes. This should ease worries about battery life.

So I took a jab at indecisiveness from the get go…but that might actually not be an issue. In fact, the more I re-read what the YotaPhone can do, the more I get interested. Then again, I have been known to be a sucker for the worst deals.

However, the idea that the EPD screen can be used for non-graphics intensive apps such as Twitter, weather, and stock quotes without having to wake up the phone from sleep mode is rather interesting. Also, though one might expect the YotaPhone to be a thick, clunky device, its makers were actually able to cut and shave millimeters here and there.

The result? A mere 0.4 inches at the thickest part!

The YotaPhone will be shown off in February 2013 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Its predicted price tag: a whopping $500. Then again, you’ve got two phones in one. Almost.

[Images via YotaPhone and Mashable]