The ability to skip TV ads has been around for a while with DVRs and recording devices, including DVDs and VCRs before that.  However, that was limited to watching recorded shows. Now you can find new technology that allows you to skip ads on computers and other devices. A new Google Chrome extension makes it easy to block ads or skip them.

No Hulu Ads blacks out commercials and allows you to return to the TV show you were watching when it’s convenient for you. It also blocks the warning that Hulu has to warn you to disable the ad blocker on your computer.

You also have the Hopper from Dish Network that features the Auto Hop capability to allow you to skip ads on your television and move right onto your program. CBS refused to allow the Hopper to win the Best in Show at the 2013 CES.

What happened was a whole lot more damaging for CBS because it brought even greater attention to the Hopper. Dish used the issue as part of their advertising campaign. This controversy has brought about strong reactions from several parties.  Greg Sandoval resigned after the decision to prevent Dish from getting the award it had been given.

This controversy went from being about ad blocking to journalistic integrity when it was discovered that CNET had already decided that the Hopper had been the winner of the award before pulling it. The fact that CBS asked for the award to be rescinded and that CNET complied has cast shadows on both groups and taken the focus off of the Hopper and its ability to auto hop.

Ad Blocking Continues to Grow

The next question is what will happen when it comes to a lawsuit like the one CBS has begun with Dish Network. Who will come out the winner on the battle of ad blocking?

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