Google Glass has made the news for some time now, but it’s still nowhere near completion. However, other companies have gotten on board with the idea of designing a wearable computer and are attempting to produce their own version for earlier release. One of those companies is Vuzix.

The Smart Glasses M100

This product works as a second screen to a smartphone or tablet. You wear them on your head just like with Google Glass. A headband that is placed on the top of your head holds the system in place and you have an eyepiece right beside your right eye. You also use an earpiece that is placed in your ear.

Can Vuzix Smart Glasses Steal the Scene from Google?


With speech recognition, it allows you to control the computer hands-free. It also features a camera. You can also send text, email, watch video or view photos, get directions and many of the other things you do on your smartphone. Smart Glass runs on the Android operating system and you can download apps either directly to the device or to the smartphone.

Who is Vuzix?

Vuzix is a company that specializes in supplying video eyewear. These products range from consumer video eyewear to virtual reality and augmented reality eyewear. The company has won 12 awards with the Consumer Electronics Show and has over 47 patents and patents pending. One of these awards is for the Smart Glasses M100, which debuted at this year’s show held between January 8 and 11, 2013.

Can Vuzix Smart Glasses Steal the Scene from Google?


Testers at the event tried out the glasses and said they were comfortable to wear, but still needs some improvement before the product is ready to be released to the public. It appears that Google is not the only one looking to promote wearable computers. While the Smart Glasses M100 is not the exact same idea as Google Glass, it is easy to see the similarities and it is only a matter of time before we will see more of these products being introduced.


[Image via slashgear]