Could Reseach In Motion become a relevant company once again? As it has been heading downward something has begun to happen and it’s all due to the buzz surrounding the new Blackberry 10.

Out of Touch

RIM has appeared to be out of touch with consumers for some time now. In a world where everything is moving towards touch activation, Blackberry has looked like the odd phone out. When RIM did try its hand at a different phone, the Storm, it was a devastating loss.

Tablets didn’t seem to be the thing for RIM either. The PlayBook was a dismal failure.

The Blackberry 10

Enter rumors of the BlackBerry 10 onto the scene and things began to look a little more hopeful. Now you have a revamped app store with thousands of apps.  RIM is supposed to have an ad for the Super Bowl, which says a lot about the kind of money the company is betting on the BlackBerry 10.

Could Blackberry 10 Be the Comeback Kid?

Not a lot is known specifically about the BlackBerry 10, but it is causing quite a stir anyway. From what little has been seen of the device, it looks like a smaller version of the PlayBook OS.

People are now beginning to say that RIM has a chance to become the number three in the smartphone line-up ahead of Microsoft. What gives it the edge? Well, the big draw is that RIM already has 80 million subscribers and a recognized brand. A new phone that shows it knows what today’s consumer wants could be just the thing that brings in new customers and entices the old ones to give the BlackBerry 10 a try.

As we get close to the unveiling of the new BlackBerry 10, you have to stop and wonder “Could this be the comeback story of the decade?”

[Image via cnet]